San Diego Beer News wrote about an interesting project for Beer Paper LA about the recently opened CoLab.

Three breweries, a winery and a Baby’s Badass Burgers under on roof on the Hop Highway of Vista.

I have long advocated for something similar in L.A. Personally, Hollywood seems the right area since it is pretty devoid of breweries in comparison to downtown. I like the idea of three breweries as well with different aims. One new, one barrel aging and one a second taproom.

New in San Diego

I do not know how one person can cover the vast San Diego craft beer scene. Too much. Way too much. But read HERE for info on four, yes four new breweries…

  • VooDoo Child Brewing
  • Backyard Brewing
  • Tipping Pint
  • Seek Beer Co.

Doing a new brewery crawl might be an easier ask.

New in SD

As traveling starts to ramp back up, where to drink guides are starting to ramp up as well.

And one place Angelenos might be looking to test the beer travel waters is San Diego.

Click HERE to get a nice listing of breweries that are coming to the city and county of San Diego.

Beer City

One question has popped up a lot recently, what will be the first post-pandemic movie that you will sit in a movie theater and watch.

Well, I have an option for beer fans. Beer City San Diego. You can read more HERE about the documentary. You will get interviews with legends like Peter Zien of AleSmith among others.

SD Beer News

When this Covid Pause is over, beer fans will need to make up lost ground and visit taprooms again, and to best prepare for that glorious day, you will need information. SD Beer News should be your choice for that news. Brandon Hernandez has been covering the scene and worked in it as well so he is uniquely plugged into what is happening. Head HERE to sign-up.

Athletic in San Diego

Non-Alcoholic East Coast brewer Athletic has pounced on the former Ballast Point “Trade Street” brewing facility and will be shipping their beer out the door in mid-May. This new production hub will increase their capacity and help them meet a demand across its 10 state distribution footprint. And maybe they will even add a taproom to this spot as well.

Bank Withdrawl

This story was recently in the L.A. Times….

It is rare that a government body is even a tiny bit pro-active but San Diego has seen the power of both biotech and beer and have created a new bank.  One that will be filled with water and (hopefully) won’t increase taxes.

The city wants to take “stranded”, unused water from business ventures willing to part with it and offer it to water dependent companies willing to pay for extra.  It is a clever idea and one that could conceivably work with other finite resources. It will be interesting if this project takes off and can be a model for other water districts.