MOA – reviewed

In addition to my monthly video reviews, I will be adding my two cents the old fashioned way via photos and words for a set of beers each month.

Now we head to New Zealand to review St. Joseph’s Tripel and Breakfast Beer.

St. Joseph’s pours a medium yellow color from the caged and corked 12.7 ounce green bottle. Big fluffy head on this one. Aroma is citrus and potpourri and vanilla notes. All of which follow into the taste. A pleasing slickness and hit of alcohol also come through with this Belgian tripel via Blenheim. The label is practically all in black with only the red font of St. Joseph’s to see.

Breakfast beer pours a light orange. A pear/grape combo hits the tongue first. It really is viscous though for what should be a sprightly beer. There is a creamy texture too. I like this a skosh more than the St Joseph’s because it is lighter with a more unique flavor.