Xmas 2012 – Hangar 24 / Warmer

Our final holiday entrant comes from Hangar 24. It is part of the Local Fields series and goes by the name of Warmer. Which L.A. certainly is.

“Warmer, is strong, rich ale that combines holiday flavors including cinnamon, maple syrup, caramel malts and fresh spruce from the San Bernardino Mountains. The combination is a nice compliment to the cool season. Warmer’s ABV is 7.8 percent.

The Local Fields Series was launched in early 2012 and is comprised of six beers, all brewed once per year with a different local ingredient. Other ingredients in Hangar 24’s Local Fields beers include red wine grapes, dates, blood oranges, apricots and pumpkins all of which were grown close to the brewery in Redlands, CA.”