Long Time No See – Brewery at Simmzy’s

With quite a few breweries in Los Angeles, it is hard to keep current and some places with long gaps between visits. I am going to try to rectify that situation this year and re-visit more often, with the first stop being Simmzy’s in Burbank.

I started with the Zwickle Tickle because who can pass up a kellerbier. That is me being serious by the way. Need to see more Zwickle on tap lists. It was a light and refreshing start to the evening. I also tasted the longest named beer on the list and it was the Schwarzbier was the equal of the Zwickle. Now a pause before tackling the final beer that I tasted, I don’t quite understand the whole tequila and bourbon shot thing. I understand them separately, but I am not a mixer by nature and it seems weird to have an IPA and then shoot down some Maker’s Mark.

I then tasted the Hazy Batch # 5 and it was good to start. Big fruit taste and aroma but as it warmed it morphed into a really not much bitterness beer with a touch of butter taste to it. Not having had any of the previous 4 versions, I don’t know what comparison to make but it didn’t end up working for me.