Local hops


More hops for the midwest! I love seeing small, local, boutique operations and that extends to beer ingredients. Simple Earth Hops “is a new 1/4 acre hopyard located at Greenspirit Farm CSA in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The hopyard was founded with the idea of providing a much needed agricultural product for local craft brewers. Simple Earth Hops was established to demonstrate that local farmers can produce a consistent, sustainable supply of ultra high quality hops by working directly with local craft brewers while still maintaining a focus on ecology, the land and the people involved.”

Here is a partial list of the hop varities that they will grow:
cascade, eroica, liberty, Mt. Hood and perle.

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  1. Very nice. Glad to see you extending the word with this great shout-out. Simple Earth Hops is proud to be working with some locavore-style brewers in Southwest Wisconsin. Currently, all 9 out of 10 rows (100 foot long rows) have been strung with twine for the hops to climb. Because we are in year 1 for these hops, the hops spend most of their energy building roots and the plants may not show any cones at all this year. We will see…and soon! Here are some additional photos of the hop trellis setup weekend (April, 2010) http://picasaweb.google.com/fattymattybrewing/SimpleEarthHopsTrellisSetup# and if you want to learn more about Simple Earth Hops, like us on our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/simpleearthhops

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