Just a Thought – Part 2

The destination brewery.  Is that next for L.A. ? SoCal is seeing a lot of second, third and fourth locations for breweries but the next step might be the one where you spend the day, or night.

Back in pre-Sapporo times, Stone Brewing had the idea of a Stone Hotel next to the brewery on Citricado Parkway so that visitors could spend the night travel the Hops Highway or just drink in their room if they so wished.  Obviously, that never got past grand idea stage.

But there are options that do not involve getting into the hotel business.  Glendale and Los Angeles has what could be called a wee glut of condos with ground floor retail.  Many of which just sit there vacant or have one space leased.  Putting a brewery into a space for a residency would be a better amenity for condo owners, I think.

A farmhouse brewery would be grand.  Visiting Jester King’s acreage is on my bucket list but L.A. long ago removed orange groves but maybe a garden, an actual beer garden would be an idea.

One last idea is to merge a record store with beer.  Portland has a shop where you can pick up some vinyl while also getting a beer.  This could be transposed onto bookstores or other collectibles.

Creative ways to weave beer into life are out there.