Invasive Species – 4 Beer Review

I prefer to think of the beer name as a derogative toward a certain coming sorta-president (check it Merriam-Webster) but this 4-pack is a smack to a certain brewery that landed in Long Beach in 2016 with all sorts of Sculpins.

Here are my capsule reviews of the four IPA’s

Getting grapefruit pith here. Dark yellow, orange in color. Coats the tongue. Getting done grain in the back too. Rye spice notes here too. At 7.1% this is a strong and not necessarily neutral base for the other beers to follow.

Lots of ruby red in the aroma. I was worried that the original was too grapefruity to differentiate much but this does that.  Little bit more sawdust type grain here. Not as much pith here but more of the juice bitterness.

Initial thought is sweeter but that is incorrect. Aroma is fresh cut mango.  Seems lighter than the two previous beers. The fruit is forward until the last few sips when a hearty bitterness takes charge.

Wow. This is spicy. I can feel my lips tingling from the spice which lingers on and awaits food to suck up the heat. This beer subdues the hops for habanero too much but on its own is a fine spice beer.