Ignited Brewery # 2 – Rouleur Brewing

Our second ignited stop is in Carlsbad for the European cycling themed Rouleur Brewing. Here are the San Diego beers with a Belgian twist that I would check out….

The Domestique Blonde Ale – “This beer is designed to be approachable yet memorable with a soft malt backbone and delicate Noble hop bitterness, keeping it from being too heavy or sweet. The aroma is slightly grainy, yet not astringent, and the forward palate is reminiscent of malted milkshake, grain and honey. The finish is dry and crisp with just the slightest hop bitterness. Well rounded, smooth and reliable.”

The Sprinteur Red Ale – “displays a rich and brilliant ruby red hue. The flavor and mouthfeel offer a chewy malt complexity reminiscent of dark caramel and dark fruits. The body forward beer is balanced with a dose of fresh fruity-citrusy hops. Visually pleasing, full-bodied and inspirational.”

The Puncheur Pale Ale – “This is the go-to beer of the pack, offering something for everyone. This beer has a brilliant gold color with warm hints of red in its hue. The malt and hop bills, as well as yeast character, lend it an overall fruity character. This beer is a perfect balance of malt and hops in both aroma and flavor. Resilient, fruity, and reliable.”

The Clydesdale India Pale Ale – “Rouleur takes the “Italian cooking” approach to IPAs: Few ingredients that are of high-quality yet not necessarily uncommon; balanced perfectly with a twist. ROULEUR’s India Pale Ale is “hoppy” in flavor and aroma, but not bracingly bitter, sessionable-ish in terms of alcohol content, and different enough to be memorable and go the full distance. Clean, purposeful and without pretense.”

The Grimpeur Dark Ale – “is very dark…nearly black. This beer is malt heavy yet balanced with a chocolatey and dark-caramelly flavor and aroma with a very faint roast character. With just enough hop character for balance, this is an all dark-malt-forward beer with a Belgian finish. Thick, creamy and focused on reaching the top.”