Great American Beer Festival – Begin at the beginning

I honestly did not know what to expect at my first GABF. But now that I have experienced it, I think I understand what the fuss is about. There is nothing like being in a great beer town full of enthusiastic beer geeks.

Over the next few days, I will post my thoughts, my photos, lists of winners, lists of beers and places to go in Denver. Along with my own Beer Search Party awards.

Lets start with…drum roll please
The beer that dissapointed the most.
I was going to go with the Sam Adams Utopia but I sorta knew when I asked for it at the Rare Beer Event that it was going to be too spirit-y and not beer-y enough for me so the winner of this award goes to Rubidus from Uncommon Brewers. I have enjoyed their beers before and was intrigued by this one that uses mushrooms. It was too sweet, with a strange vegetal taste that was also too alcoholic for me.