Going Vintage

AleSmith Brewing is coming out with a new, designed to be cellared beers under the Vintage Series banner and the first beer out of the gate is….
…. “the release of AleSmith Private Stock Ale, an imperial English-style brew that is suitable for aging for up to 20 years.”

More from the press release:
“We are very proud of our ability to brew strong beers that can be enjoyed fresh for their big flavors, aromas and presence. Though magnificent straight out of our brewery, the beers in our Vintage Series are also built to stand the test of time,” says AleSmith CEO and brewmaster Peter Zien. “Each of them is ideal for laying down under proper temperatures and conditions for many years to come. Over that span, be it one year, one decade or more, they will slowly and steadily change, taking on new flavors and textures, with certain characteristics becoming amplified while others fade into the background. Cellaring is the brewing industry’s next frontier and we want to help our fans to successfully enjoy the metamorphic journey some of our finest beers take.”

Does it mean you have to buy 20 bottles of each and try each year?