On Track 3

Variant #3 in the Speedway Stout series is here and AleSmith is going for a specific chocolately profile according to their press release…

“For this special edition of our signature imperial stout, we were inspired to feature ingredients from our neighbors to the south,” says Ryan Crisp, Head Brewer and Director of Brewery Operations. “We used a trio of Mexican dark chocolate, sea salt and Mexican coffee to give the beer notes of cacao and dark fruit, plus a subtle touch of cinnamon and roasty earthiness.”


For many months we have seen anniversaries go by without any celebration due to the pandemic, now we are starting to see more pop up which brings us to AleSmith which is on year 26. Follow their social media to see details on their plans as they arrive.

Review – Tropical Marmalade Hazy IPA from AleSmith

Next up from the prolific AleSmith is a hazy IPA that is a jam.

Well, actually a marmalade.

This new release from San Diego pours a light yellow color with not much in the way of haze on view. Getting mango and pineapple on the nose, so checkmark for tropical.

Very light body with a solid kick of bitterness that does linger a bit. Getting a bit of raspberry and orange flavor after the bitter. The end brings a touch of alcohol heat mingling with malt character.

There is a nice juicy mouthfeel and indeed tropical but the haze and the softness I associate with it are not. Nix that word from the label and this beer is spot on.

A Speedy Variant

image from AleSmith

Speedway Stout, the classic big stout from AleSmith has its first variant of the year and it is caffeinated, “Speedway Stout Special Variant #1: Speedway Stout Espresso and Madagascar Vanilla – a signature edition of their imperial stout infused with tons of Madagascar vanilla and a bold espresso blend, bestowing intense notes of chocolate, coffee, vanilla and dark fruit.”

Review – Diego Antonio IPA from AleSmith and Weathered Souls

Earlier this month, I reviewed some Black is Beautiful beers which was started by Weathered Souls Brewing, to end the month, I wanted to review a collaboration done with AleSmith.

Pours a clear yellow with a fluffy head to it. Citra and Nelson hops. Aroma is neutral with a taste by bit of citrus detected. Harsh orange and lemon taste. Very wet mouthfeel to it.  Alcohol really shows and still tastes like a higher alcohol beer.

Be Logical

If I had been given the following True/False question, I would have gotten it wrong.

Have AleSmith and Pizza Port collaborated on a beer?

Now they have, which means that trick questions are now more logical. And of course it is hoppy, we aren’t living in a bizarro world.