Dry River Brewing UPDATE


It looks like for all you Dry River backers and craft beer fans that happenings are afoot!  Here is the latest Kickstarter update from the (hopefully) soon to come brewery!

“We’ve been busy-busy-busy since our last update, pursuing locations, working with lawyers and accountants, preparing to raise money for the build-out, all the fun parts of opening a brewery… And we’ve hit a major milestone and we wanted you to be the first ones to hear – we hired our brew-master!

Naga Reshi comes to us from Wynwood Brewing in Miami, but he’s been brewing professionally all over the world since 2007. Brazil, Holland, you name it – he’s probably brewed there. And he brings tons of Green brewing cred to the table. He designed, built, managed and sold a production brewery in Brazil that ran entirely off of solar power! Plus his recipes are super creative and he’s awesome at using local ingredients, like he did with his barrel-aged jungle-fruit Lambic series in Brazil…

We have a proposal in on a great space, right on the river, so we hope we’ll have a positive update there soon as well.

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