Review – BrewDog TV (shows 1-3)


TV shows can take a few episodes to get on their feet.  And due to that, I will split my BrewDog TV reviews into multiple segments.

This review covers the San Diego, San Francisco and Philadelphia episodes.

I first have to address the beer of the week that they brew.  Obviously, it is a novelty brew but I am really on the fence about it.  I know it is the marquee part of the show.  The spine so to speak.  But I really don’t like the whole “Do you like it” moment at the end.  I much prefer the opinions of the people who get to drink it, since I never will and the canned applause tactic rubs me the wrong way.

But that may be because I really love the rest of the show.  Especially the food and beer pairings which were really strong in this section.  With the donuts in Philadelphia being my favorite because it was new and really well explained.  The Craft Beer Virgin bit is good too.  It could be really bad but James and Martin are just so damn lovable that it works.  The lists of breweries and bars is well done and takes the right amount of time.  The format of the show is well thought out and moves at a nice pace.

Of the beers done, I would have the fog beer.  The pepper beer is out of my league and the Declaration of Independence beer seemed a little strange to me.  Not that I wouldn’t have tried all three.