Closer to Me

The big news this week (apologies to Stone in Deutschland) is the move of rightly famed brewmaster Victor Novak from OC to LA as he will be moving to Golden Road Brewing (so much closer to me) from TAPS.


This move leads to many Questions with a capital Q:

~Will this mean that the GRB haters will pause or will they find another excuse to complain?

~Who will take the reins at TAPS?  ‘Cause past proteges have done VERY well.

~What will change at GRB?

~Will the barrel program get bigger?

All will have to wait until September when the move happens and probably later to see how the fit is.


2 Replies to “Closer to Me”

  1. I am sure it will. The rumor mill has Victor manning a second location. Might be idle speculation but intriguing none the less.

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