Canadian Brewery Tour # 3 – Bent Stick Brewing

Our last stop in Canada is in Edmonton, Alberta and Bent Stick Brewing.

Here are some options from their website that piqued my interest…

First Pull Coffee Amber
“​This amber ale was cold-steeped with Sanson No. 7 coffee beans from our chums at ACE roasters here in Edmonton, Alberta. If there was ever any doubt, we’d say the coffee makes this a legitimate morning beverage.”

Swap the Hops
“Gotta have my hops! Dive into our Swap the Hops pale ale for your hop needs. Brewed on a semi-regular basis.

It’s the same but different ‘cause we swap the hops every time! Version # 8 – Simcoe Single Hopped?? [Early 2018!!]”

Rush Job IPA
“There was some tasty Galaxy & Ella hops in the freezer with a gap in the brew schedule, so we whipped up a West Coast IPA! Rush Job has big fruit and floral notes with light toffee to balance it out.”

and a past menu item….
Wakatu Wheat
“Not your poppa’s wheat beer. Wakatu Wheat has a savoury cotton candy sweetness with a nice grainy edge. It’s got a full body and smooth long linger.”