Buttressed with Caffeine

First it was Gams-Bart.  Not a typical flagship.  Then a Chai fusion Kolsch.  Next for L.A. AleWorks is a more pedestrian coffee porter.  Wait, they have added rye to it. Oh and they asked their Kickstarter supporters what they wanted instead of choosing something themselves.

“Thank you to everyone that participated in the vote for our next batch! In a fairly resounding victory the Coffee Rye Porter known as “Buttress of Windsor” was selected. As brewers we’ve had many excellent coffee porters and we hope this one will do the style justice. Similar to the Karma Kolsch batch, we’ll be experimenting on exactly how to scale up the recipe – so wish us luck!”


“We know how much you all love coffee and so we’ve teamed up with local roaster True & Brave Roasters to create an incredibly tasty and inspired roast especially for us!”

I am looking forward to see how this compares and maybe having a sampler tray of all three to compare and contrast.