Brewery + Distillery # 2 – New Holland

The second distilling stop is New Holland. Much like the first stop, Rogue, they are an old school longtime craft brewer. Let’s dive into a pair of spirits matched with a pair of beers.

Barrel Aged Knickerbocker Gin – “Knickerbocker Gin, conditioned in spent New Holland Spirits barrels, makes a delicious barrel-aged gin. Toasty notes from the spirit-soaked wood accentuate the vibrant juniper character and provide a deep and smooth contrast to the lively aromatics.”

Cabin Fever Brown Ale – “Cabin Fever is a roasty brown ale and a hearty, comforting companion for long, mind-bending winters.”

Beer Barrel Rye – “Putting our bourbon in Dragon’s Milk barrels worked so well, that we wanted to see what it would do to rye whiskey. Beer Barrel Rye takes a similar journey through new American oak barrels before getting the Dragon’s Milk barrel treatment. Aromas of vanilla and allspice lead to flavors of honey and almond, before a lingering, spicy finish.”

Fear Cognac Barrel Aged Baltic Porter – “The base beer for Fear is a baltic porter, brewed with figs and aged in hand-selected Cognac barrels for one full year before being finished with vanilla to provide a complex assortment of decadent flavors. This release represents the self-doubt and fear of failure that accompanies a pursuit of change.”