Blank Slate

There is recipe tinkering for most beers. For various reasons, supply of specific ingredients being one but some beers are designed to be updated.

One that has that built into the very name is Blank Slate Witbier from Radiant Beer Co.

Here is the story – “Every year our house witbier gets a bit of a facelift, maintaining the same base recipe while adjusting the botanicals. For 2024, Blank Slate takes inspiration from a subtle Southeast Asian spin, blending the traditional wit spices of coriander and bitter orange peel with a few more citrus varities and hints of other regional botanicals like lemongrass, basil, ginger, and a few secret spices. We’re getting the same lovely wit aromas and flavors as always; Belgian esters, light phenols, coriander and citrus taking center stage, but now with more of an herbaceous, floral character, and an ever-so-slight warming spice.”

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