American Craft Beer Week!!!

I did my small part by having THREE American Craft beers at the lovely Blue Palms Brewhouse.

First I had the new Lagunitas Correction Ale – quite nice a bit hoppy upfront that melts into a nice wheat type beer. Very good summer beer. Makes me wonder what the next new beer, Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is going to be like.

Then I had Ommegang’s Flanders Red – Sooo good! Sour and fruity with a great aroma. I could drink alot of this. Makes me want to drive to Cooperstown.

Lastly I had a taste of Stone’s Vanilla Bean Porter on cask. Interesting but overpowering vanilla. Lost the beer to the vanilla. Easy to drink but tastes like I am in the kitchen making cookies.

As usual the good people at Blue Palms have an excellent list of beer to try.