A Podcast & A Beer – 13 Minutes to the Moon

With the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing (yes, it did happen ya’ kooky nutjobs), it is a good time to go back and dig into the details that we haven’t seen in movies like First Man, Apollo 13 and Hidden Figures) and no better place than the venerable BBC with 13 Minutes to the Moon.

The music and the pacing seemed a bit off in the first couple of episodes but as we reach episode 8, the podcast seems to have found its footing. The interviews from both archival footage and new is weaving together the stories of the flight controllers and the astronauts into a larger story and pinning the arc of the story on one specific section of the flight allows for stories to spin off but return to the 13 minutes of descent to the lunar surface.

For beers to pair with it, I would suggest 8-Bit Brewing from Murrieta. Apollo 11 was using the most rudimentary computer coded via punch cards so a brewery with beers such as Turbulent Juice would be a good choice. You could also look to Florida for a Cigar City beer like Cold Moon Flanders or to Houston for flight control and Great Heights Brewing and their Lupulin Starship or Galactic Fruitier Pellets.