NAGBW – Beer Media

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my notes from last nights talk on the State of Beer Media with one of my favorite beer writers, Jeff Alworth alongside Canadian beer writer Crystal Luxmore.

Below are my takeaways from the discussion…

We have to remember that craft beer has been written about for 10+ years. It is not the IT beverage

Not to focus as much on the brewmaster. Write about the founder, the marketing person or someone else with an interesting story.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is making more money off beer twitter than beer writers

Sponsorship can be made creative. Go deeper and pitch something less like a traditional ad,

Writing opportunities for money are indeed scarce but it is also a world where you can write without gatekeepers

Look to signal boost the good work being done.

Flora Brewing

More beer podcasts for y’all to listen to…

Here is the 411, “The Brewing After Hours Podcast is hosted by Homebrewer and Digital Creator Sarah Flora, also known as Flora Brewing on Instagram and YouTube where she dives into the technical aspects of brewing beer at her home in Los Angeles. Brewing After Hours is going to take a different look at the history and stories behind beer as well as feature conversations with industry professionals and homebrewers.”

Detroit Beer History

The Detroit Historical Society has put together a six-part series on beer and brewing in Detroit from the beginning of the city until now and it I shall an interesting slice of history. Each episode covers a time frame and moves along very well with lots of nuggets of info like who was one of the first brewers in the city and why did a certain Mr. Cadillac choose him? Or that Belgians from Flanders we’re a sizeable immigrant group.

Look for it HERE.

Bier Port

The next evolution of pour it yourself / why bother with a knowledgeable beertender technology. You can read more about it HERE but I suspect that someone has probably already hacked it to get beer to people without ID. It seems similar to coffee vending machines and that leads to the big issue, line cleanliness. My best guess is that this item has one point of exit which means that if more than just bland industrial lager is being poured that there may be some “off” pints.

NAGBW – Marcus Baskerville from Weathered Souls Brewing

The NAGBW hosted another illuminating beer discussion this time with Marcus Baskerville from Weathered Souls Brewing the brewer and brewery behind the Black is Beautiful cause.

As with past recaps, here are notes that I found of interest….

  • Very hard to get donation data back from breweries. Baskerville has received a skosh over 400 survey replies out of 1,200 participants
  • Wal-Mart has entered into selling the beer and that has worked out well so far
  • Black is Beautiful has gone into hoodies, chocolate and bourbon
  • some days Baskerville has been interviewed from 8am to 8pm
  • Baskerville has tasted 45-50 of the BiB beers with Fremont and the Alchemist being noteworthy
  • was happy to second heritage breweries like Stone and Russian River join in
  • Weathered Souls has the #1 IPA in San Antonio
  • the brewery was heavily impacted by the snow storms in Texas and followed other brewery lead said in providing drinking water
  • Baskerville was wearing a Laker shirt in SAN ANTONIO!

Find a Flagship

Guess what is back!

This is the month to buy a 4-pack not of the latest hazy but from deeper in a breweries catalog, specifically that beer that your local prides itself on or that the regional sells by the case for the Super Bowl. Throughout the month you will be able to read about flagships if you click right HERE.

Beer History & Writing

I kinda prefer to-do vs resolution. I think the latter though stronger is more often lost by the second week of January. That is prelude to the fact that one of my to-do’s this year is to listen to more of the programming from the Beer Writers Guild (NAGBW). Last week writers/ historians Maureen Ogle and Liz Garibay spoke about writing about alcohol through the lens of history.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom that I picked up….

  • Ogle is working on a book about August Schell and his brewery
  • keep historians in mind when writing about beer but not the usual suspects
  • you can tie current events to the past because what may seem new probably happened before
  • I will be interested in the 2021 Beer Culture Summit from all the praise heaped on the 2020 version
  • there is a book about Hawaii beer history coming from Paul Kan and another writer Isco working on something about Oklahoma brewing history

End of Year Reading Material

Not gonna say too much because this LINK is filled with interesting reading material. Yes, it is Britain-centric but there are craft beer nuggets of info to store away as well as just some fine writing even if it is for Good Beer Hunting whose viewpoint often is a little too anti-craft for my taste.