Beer Podcast – Bigger Than Beer

Yakima Chiefs has embraced media in the last few years and this year the theme is Women+ in the Industry.

“Yakima Chief Hops will highlight and explore a new topic each year that focuses on the larger picture of the craft beer community’s impact. This includes social, environmental and sustainability initiatives with the ultimate goal of discovering solutions for change. This year’s Bigger Than Beer series: Women+ in the Industry will shine a light on some amazing women and share their different perspectives in the hopes of inspiring meaningful conversations and positive change on this important issue.”

I have downloaded a couple of episodes and will be listening.

NAGBW – Opening a Brewery During a Pandemic

This month the Guild has two back to back weeks of info. Here are my takeaways from Opening a Brewery During a Pandemic with guests Mario Cortes and Dave Riddille of the excellently named Here Today which is still yet to open in Seattle.

  • How do you create a beer list that attracts beer nerds, beer newbies and then how do you split that between local and tourists
  • You don’t know what will be important day-to-day nor predict what may be important in the long term
  • You need to be able to have honest discussions about which distribution route you want to take. Is selling focused on your location the best?
  • Can you still produce quality beer but with less state of the art equipment?
  • And a question from me for other new breweries, do you have to design a space that can be transformable in case of future pandemic restrictions as yet unknown?


We need to keep our eye on history in order to not repeat mistakes or be able to re-create a tasty beer recipe from years past. Which leads us to this news item…

Beer Podcast – Good Beer Matters

Now I have to admit upfront that I have yet to listen to an episode of this podcast, Good Beer Matters. I have downloaded a couple episodes though and plan on listening.

That said, there are three reasons why I am pre-listen posting.

  1. Level of Guests – Charlie Papazian and Jeff Alworth are recent guests. That is strong.
  2. The Host is Certified Cicerone®, a BJCP judge, an IBD Certified Brewer, a homebrewer, a beer educator, and a beer writer.
  3. A member of NAGBW, the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

NAGBW – Cerveceros

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my takeaways from a night talking about the SoCal Cerveceros.

First you should read the article that prompted the J-School discussion, HERE.

The most interesting point was brought up by Ricky Ray Rivera, founding member of the home brew club, now at Norwalk Brew House. Press and attention is good but too focused on the Latino aspect and not enough on the hone brewing can seem patronizing.

The six year old (around there) club started with seven members and is now over 250 with many having started breweries.

The networking is now important it seems. People have joined whose interests lie in food or other businesses.

Read Please

When people say that they hope a movement doesn’t stop some secretly just hope it will fade out so that they don’t have to do the extra work.

Well, I ain’t gonna help you with that last part.

Go HERE and please read the first of what will be more than one post about how to make festivals better. How you do that requires looking at some crappy behavior towards women.

Here is one question for men to ponder: Have you ever chosen clothes for a festival based on not being sexy? Because of the ramifications?

Radio Imbibe

I infrequently pick up a copy of Imbibe magazine and that might explain why I was late to the Radio Imbibe party.

Now there is not much beer people being interviewed except for a recent Dr. J podcast. But since these are bite sized 20 minute episodes, they are fun to dip into and learn about beverages like Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

NAGBW – Reckoning

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my notes from last nights talk on whether or not a reckoning can become a revolution as the industry confronts sexism.

Here are some takeaways from the discussion with host Jessica Infante and panelists Beth Demmon, Jess Bautista and Paige Latham Didora.

  • hard to rehash these atrocious stories
  • workers are at a disadvantage bur female workers are often more so
  • career development is stunted
  • toxic gratitude where you have to be happy despite the bad environment
  • even job descriptions raise red flags
  • maybe reporting incidents to the local brewers guild could help
  • change the imperative from moral to either financial or legal

Brave Noise

OK. Two things for you beer fans to do and they are both simple.

One – Read THIS. Do not TL:DR it. Read it.

Two – Buy the beer(s) when they come out.

NAGBW – Guilds

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my notes from last nights talk on the Inner Workings of Brewing Guilds on Diversity with Danielle D’Alessandra.

  • Will we revert back to pre-pandemic ways and forget about issues that have been brought to our attention?
  • DEI has to to start from the top and it needs to be driven by hiring more women and more people of color.
  • craft beer is new to the political process
  • How do we help diverse breweries to succeed and get past the barriers imposed on them such as ability to get loans?
  • What is the best way to bring beer to minorities in a way that educates them?