Pop Culture Brews

Each month I post about books and beer and podcasts and beers. The Pop Culture Brews podcast does something similar to fun results. They have a guest and they combine a type of culture and talk about beers and hone brewing.

It is thus fun on two levels. Check it out.

Hops in California

The Chicago Brewseum concluded their annual … a few days ago and one of the presentations was on hop growing in California, the Zoom via Facebook link is HERE.

Their Beer History Week is on my beer travel bucket list, maybe as soon as next year. Especially the Ales Through the Ages event.

In the meantime, please donate to their historical cause HERE.

074 Not 007

There are many new hops at varying stages of development. Preeminent hop writer Stan Hieronymus fills us in on the as yet named, 074…

074 is USDA 2006009-074, the daughter of an open-pollinated tetraploid Perle plant. Adjectives attached to beers brewed with 074 include orange, lime peel, tropical, floral and stone fruit. As important, I’ve talked to farmers in New York, Michigan and Colorado who are growing 074, basically on an experimental basis, and she thrived in 2021.

Appellation Beer

NAGBW – A Women’s Place is in the Brewhouse

Thankfully, I just finished the beer history book by Tara Nurin (A Woman’s Place is in the Brewhouse) that this talk revolved around. Lets see what this latest session hosted by the North American Guild of Beer Writers brought to my attention.

  • the term archival silence will probably start being used more
  • research during Covid was both harder and easier in different respects
  • who “hasn’t” been talked to for a story? usually a minority
  • you just have to turn your head slightly to see someone who was just as instrumental in a brewery’s success
  • the same silencing of women happens over and over as men take over, over and over
  • Tiah Edmunson-Morton is writing a book on the women married to Oregon brewers

Beer Podcast – Bigger Than Beer

Yakima Chiefs has embraced media in the last few years and this year the theme is Women+ in the Industry.

“Yakima Chief Hops will highlight and explore a new topic each year that focuses on the larger picture of the craft beer community’s impact. This includes social, environmental and sustainability initiatives with the ultimate goal of discovering solutions for change. This year’s Bigger Than Beer series: Women+ in the Industry will shine a light on some amazing women and share their different perspectives in the hopes of inspiring meaningful conversations and positive change on this important issue.”

I have downloaded a couple of episodes and will be listening.

NAGBW – Opening a Brewery During a Pandemic

This month the Guild has two back to back weeks of info. Here are my takeaways from Opening a Brewery During a Pandemic with guests Mario Cortes and Dave Riddille of the excellently named Here Today which is still yet to open in Seattle.

  • How do you create a beer list that attracts beer nerds, beer newbies and then how do you split that between local and tourists
  • You don’t know what will be important day-to-day nor predict what may be important in the long term
  • You need to be able to have honest discussions about which distribution route you want to take. Is selling focused on your location the best?
  • Can you still produce quality beer but with less state of the art equipment?
  • And a question from me for other new breweries, do you have to design a space that can be transformable in case of future pandemic restrictions as yet unknown?


We need to keep our eye on history in order to not repeat mistakes or be able to re-create a tasty beer recipe from years past. Which leads us to this news item…

Beer Podcast – Good Beer Matters

Now I have to admit upfront that I have yet to listen to an episode of this podcast, Good Beer Matters. I have downloaded a couple episodes though and plan on listening.

That said, there are three reasons why I am pre-listen posting.

  1. Level of Guests – Charlie Papazian and Jeff Alworth are recent guests. That is strong.
  2. The Host is Certified Cicerone®, a BJCP judge, an IBD Certified Brewer, a homebrewer, a beer educator, and a beer writer.
  3. A member of NAGBW, the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

NAGBW – Cerveceros

Next up in “News from the NAGBW” are my takeaways from a night talking about the SoCal Cerveceros.

First you should read the article that prompted the J-School discussion, HERE.

The most interesting point was brought up by Ricky Ray Rivera, founding member of the home brew club, now at Norwalk Brew House. Press and attention is good but too focused on the Latino aspect and not enough on the hone brewing can seem patronizing.

The six year old (around there) club started with seven members and is now over 250 with many having started breweries.

The networking is now important it seems. People have joined whose interests lie in food or other businesses.