Record Keeping

The fabulous L.A. Beer writer Tomm Carroll has fastidiously tracked down historical records of the brewing scene in Los Angeles but a present day issue needs to be looked at, what about the history made yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It may be worth compiling a history now what with some breweries closing and with it the recipes, the shirts, tap handles and other merch along with the stories of how hard it was to open, the first successful beer, that first time canning beer and so on.

With L.A. Beer Week in full swing, I propose that this time each year, those brewery stories get recorded like the NPR booths that roam around the country recording the stories of ordinary Americans does. Each day a different brewery hosts and talks about their history. It is probably not feasible to collect physical stuff and store it, let alone display it but audio can be stored and used for future Tomm’s to use to write about 2022.


A mug full of beer foam? I admit my pouring skills are a bit crap but apparently the internet thinks my poor pours are cool.  It’s called a Mlíko pour.  It can only really be poured from a Czech Side Pull beer faucet which are not at most beer bars.  According to City Beer Store, an expert tome, “A “milk” pour is like drinking a velvety cloud of sweet foam. The faucet creates a creamy, highly drinkable beer froth which is best enjoyed quickly before it settles.”

So check out a bit of history HERE about this dispense method. Then Google image Mlíko to see the photos.

Hey Neighbor!

You will need to as old-timers say, surf the web over to Rhode Island PBS and their website to watch a documentary about Narragansett Brewery, named Hi Neighbor.  Surf, because it probably ain’t on a regular streaming service pre-occupied with either Hawkins or Tatooine at the moment.

But beer fans, like myself should learn about this brewery to better understand today’s craft beer world.

All About Beer is Back

Beer media took a hit when All About Beer magazine faded out a few years back and though it may not return in print, the brand and more importantly, the past articles (maybe future ones too) will be available to read.

You can get all the details HERE.

NAGBW – Sales Numbers

Back to hearing from other beer writers, this time economist and data expert Michael Ulrich of Seventh Point Analytic talks sales.

Here are my bullet points:

  • Don’t place bets on 2022 sales but if you had to bet on down
  • seeing more tweets on breweries for sale
  • cider generally filed with wine and seltzer under beer
  • the bigger – small brewers losing more share
  • 15-30k barrels the current sweet spot
  • prices are increasing compared to costs
  • wine and spirits have stockpiles compared to beer but the pandemic drew down the reserve which may cause prices to rise
  • 9 months from ingredient price rise to beer price rise

San Diego Beer News Awards

Time to look to the south of L.A. to see who won at the San Diego Beer News Awards last night…

Let’s do the numbers….(rather, summarize the winners)

Eppig won the most combined medals for first, second and third place finishes amongst the 26 beer style categories.

Burgeon won most votes for best brewery with regional winners including…

North – Pure Project

Central – Societe

East – Stone

South – North Park Beer

Finally, Tomme Arthur won the first ever Vanguard Brewer Award.

On the Vista

Don’t go out looking for a single hop pale or IPA just yet but there is a new hop varietal in the pipeline to look forward to, Vista

The link above is for a dedicated website just for it. You can even buy Vista merch. As for the hop itself, melon and stone fruit are the hallmarks of what it brings to the mash kettle.

Ukranian Golden Ale

Get your reading glasses out because it is time to hyperlink and learn about Ukranian Golden Ale.

First start with Lana Svitankova who is behind the push for recognition of this style. Then, second, Jeff Alworth author of the Beer Bible gives his thoughts. Third is Kate Bernot’s take on the Good Beer Hunting site.

Happy reading!


Mitch Steele wrote the book on IPA and brewed it at both Stone and now New Realm and now he is back to blogging…

Hoptripper contains (under the New Realm website) his new writing and his archive too. I will be checking back on it to see what Steele is thinking about these days.

Pop Culture Brews

Each month I post about books and beer and podcasts and beers. The Pop Culture Brews podcast does something similar to fun results. They have a guest and they combine a type of culture and talk about beers and hone brewing.

It is thus fun on two levels. Check it out.