A Taster of Beer News

We obsessive beer geeks can’t get enough beer news. If that sentence strikes close to home then you might want to test drive a beer newsletter called The Taster Tray. It is a Washington State based newsletter but will cover all the beer world.

Their “mission is to promote the craft beer industry while fostering a sense of community and comradery across the industry. Industry-focused, sure, but a lot of you beer drinkers are also pretty darn passionate about beer and want to get a taste of what’s happening in the industry. We like to think of The Taster Tray as beer news from the bar back — from the bar back to the tap, from the tap back to the brewhouse, from the brewhouse back to the farm.”

You can sign up for The Taster Tray at the link.

Brewer to Brewer

There is a now not so new podcast from the folks at the re-invigorated All About Beer magazine called Brewer to Brewer.

The format is simple but fun. One episode a brewer interviews another brewer. Then the next episode the brewer that was interviewed gets to interview a new brewer. And so on, like a daisy chain.

Add it to your beer education content list.

Style Education

Would you like to know more about Cream Ales?  Maybe you want a refresher on the refreshing wheat beer style? Either way, Sense of Beer Style could be the beer educator you need.  Hosted by not one but two Advanced Cicerones in Julia Herz and Jeremy Storton, there a few lessons up now that you just may want to listen to.

Beer Podcast Day – Brewery Travels

Mostly I am recommending this new to me podcast because it has the great combo of homebrewer Sarah Flora with beer scribe Tomm Carroll talking about L.A. beer…

…the podcast is the simply named Brewery Travels hosted by Joel Geier. If you like episode 47, there are a lot of other cities to explore on previous and future episodes.

Stillwater Washington

Stillwater Artisanal Ales has migrated west to Washington State and has teamed with a surprising partner on the way.

Read the full story HERE (which also includes a deeper dive link)

Maybe this means more and fresher Stillwater beer here in SoCal.


The NFL is back in stadiums but the Steelers will be without their long standing QB1 Ben Roethlisberger whose has moved behind the mic to podcast.

Footbahlin will not just be about football though, there will be a craft beer component as well.

I watched the first episode on YouTube because I could not find the just audio version and it has a California backstory. The title of the show is a nod to Anderson Valley’s Boontling dialect.

It is a good example of people not deep into beer just having fun. Something that I lose sight of and have to reel back in. The show is an hour which I find a bit too long. It is more regular conversation instead of tight and edited.

But it is a good education on tasting because kids and QBs say the darndest things.


It is not often that food podcasts will dare talk about beer but a couple weeks ago The Splendid Table did. With three beer people!

“This week, we’re exploring the history of women and beermaking. First, Theresa McCulla, curator of The Smithsonian’s American Brewing History Initiative, explains why beer is a great lens to examine American history and shares the story of Patsy Young, an early American brewer and fugitive from slavery. Then, Atinuke Akintola Diver talks about her feature-length documentary This Belongs to Us, which follows Black women brewers in the American south and finally, beer Journalist Stephanie Grant of Good Beer Hunting shares her favorite beer and food pairings. You can find her newsletter, The Share, here and on Substack. “

Charm City and Brooklyn

Untappd, your home away from home for ticking has recently released the second in their Next Exit video series.  This time the town is Baltimore where I spent some time when I was younger.  Hop Culture’s Kenny Gould takes a ride with City Brew Tours to search the city for craft beer.


Episode three – Brooklyn is also available too. Episodes seem to be dropping quicker now.

Reading Reminder

I have posted about Beer is for Everyone before but here is a not so subtle reminder to go back and check out some of the new pieces on the site, like this one HERE that takes us to South Africa to meet Obakeng Malope brewer and documentarian.

It is a great interview and should get you excited about sorghum and spices.

NAGBW – Packaging & Sustainability

Due to an unknown snafu, I could not watch the live stream of the discussion where the NAGBW tackled inflation and packaging and sustainability. But I did watch a couple days later. The speaker was Bourcard Nesin a beverage industry analyst and it was made clear what should be done, which is quite different from what might be done.

Here are my takeaways from the discussion…

  • most sustainability claims are bullshit
  • U.S. is exceptional in are low recycling rates
  • part of the problem is that there is no centralized recycling system in place
  • returnable and re-used glass would be the best option
  • Oregon is leading that charge
  • un-returnable glass is the worst option compared to aluminum and plastic because of cost to create, cost to re-make and weight of shipping
  • a “universal bottle” be it plastic or glass would create economies of scale.
  • no returnable bottles infrastructure
  • you will probably hear the word “lightweighting” in the future
  • lots of promises by business to endorse “extended producer responsibility” but when it arrives business does not do it