Pop Culture Brews

Each month I post about books and beer and podcasts and beers. The Pop Culture Brews podcast does something similar to fun results. They have a guest and they combine a type of culture and talk about beers and hone brewing.

It is thus fun on two levels. Check it out.

Beer Podcast – Bigger Than Beer

Yakima Chiefs has embraced media in the last few years and this year the theme is Women+ in the Industry.

“Yakima Chief Hops will highlight and explore a new topic each year that focuses on the larger picture of the craft beer community’s impact. This includes social, environmental and sustainability initiatives with the ultimate goal of discovering solutions for change. This year’s Bigger Than Beer series: Women+ in the Industry will shine a light on some amazing women and share their different perspectives in the hopes of inspiring meaningful conversations and positive change on this important issue.”

I have downloaded a couple of episodes and will be listening.

A Podcast & A Beer – The Great James Bond Car Robbery

James Bond is famous for martinis, gadgets and his super classy Aston Martin DB5.

The Great James Bond Car Robbery takes you from 1986, where a film used DB5 sold for $250,000 to a Florida airfield where it went missing in 1997, and still be missing to this day.

The story (I am four episodes in) moves along a bit haphazardly bouncing from back story to side topic to theory and some of the cuts seem odd, I don’t need to have, “she continued” interjected. A pause is fine.

That being said, this is fun and mysterious and it moves along and is perfectly timed for those who want to see the latest Bond, No Time to Die.

I don’t know who the beer sponsor for Bond25 is but we will skip past whichever large company bought their way into product placement and instead set a challenge to drink beers from breweries that are older than 25 years. Bell’s maybe Alaskan or Deschutes. Or maybe globe trot like Bond to many locales. I am sure you can find an old Belgian or German brewery.

Beer Podcast – Good Beer Matters

Now I have to admit upfront that I have yet to listen to an episode of this podcast, Good Beer Matters. I have downloaded a couple episodes though and plan on listening.

That said, there are three reasons why I am pre-listen posting.

  1. Level of Guests – Charlie Papazian and Jeff Alworth are recent guests. That is strong.
  2. The Host is Certified Cicerone®, a BJCP judge, an IBD Certified Brewer, a homebrewer, a beer educator, and a beer writer.
  3. A member of NAGBW, the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

Radio Imbibe

I infrequently pick up a copy of Imbibe magazine and that might explain why I was late to the Radio Imbibe party.

Now there is not much beer people being interviewed except for a recent Dr. J podcast. But since these are bite sized 20 minute episodes, they are fun to dip into and learn about beverages like Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

Source Material

Been a bit of an uptick in beer podcasts to listen to, and here is another one…

I have my qualms with some pieces on Good Beer Hunting but laws and beers is a rich topic to cover, so I will be giving Source Material a listen.

P.S. – Listened to episode 1 and boy does history have pockets of wacky stuff hidden away.

Beer Before Glory Podcast

We can always use more beer podcasts before we reach peak hops. Now a new ear venture from The Brewing Network and Firestone Walker is here, Beer Before Glory.

I have downloaded the first two episodes. The first being on the origins of IPA and the second on the haze craze. FW knows hops and barrels in equal measure so I look forward to listening and learning.

Flora Brewing

More beer podcasts for y’all to listen to…

Here is the 411, “The Brewing After Hours Podcast is hosted by Homebrewer and Digital Creator Sarah Flora, also known as Flora Brewing on Instagram and YouTube where she dives into the technical aspects of brewing beer at her home in Los Angeles. Brewing After Hours is going to take a different look at the history and stories behind beer as well as feature conversations with industry professionals and homebrewers.”

Detroit Beer History

The Detroit Historical Society has put together a six-part series on beer and brewing in Detroit from the beginning of the city until now and it I shall an interesting slice of history. Each episode covers a time frame and moves along very well with lots of nuggets of info like who was one of the first brewers in the city and why did a certain Mr. Cadillac choose him? Or that Belgians from Flanders we’re a sizeable immigrant group.

Look for it HERE.