A Book & A Podcast – 30 for 30

Combine exercise with a guru and you get a recipe for both “Hot Yoga” and for abuse of power. The ESPN 30 for 30 podcast took a 5 part deep dive into Bikram Yoga and its founder/creator.

This is not for the faint of heart however. From the disgusting image of carpeted yoga studios without mats that reek of sweat from the intense 29 pose routine to the hideous revelations that Choudhury used his power to coerce women are disgusting to say the least. That he has avoided capture and seems to be living well just adds a nasty icing to the cake.

Since after you listen, you may be leery of a beer and yoga session, I would recommend finding a good Spa Water (sub-style) beer. Both Monkish and Ohana have made one in the past. Or you could look for the new Deschutes or Rogue Kombucha infused beers.