1st Visit – Upshift Brewing

It felt weird being in El Segundo and NOT going to El Segundo Brewing, but I did want to check out the new kid on the block, Upshift Brewing.

Just off of Sepulveda is Upshift Brewing, you enter the brewery tap room in the back and right away that you see that they have taken the automotive theme and run with it.  License plates on the bar wall with oil tin signs. Oil drums on patio as tables. Highway guardrails.  Cool hubcap four tops with freeway signs for the cool photos and even racing on TV.

For my money they have one of the coolest flight tray designs around. Sturdy grey plastic with a bike handle to lift the six tasters.  The flight sheet is in the form of an old-time auto repair ticket

All of the beers tasted on the heavy side to me even though the ABV’s were low.  Both pale ales were tilted toward extra malt and extra hops.  Both Pole Position and P-R-N-D-L had a near caramel smokiness under an earthy hop flavor.  The Kolsch tasted like an amped up imperial version. I will need to go back and check out the darker beers from the 9 list long menu to see how those shape up.