The Fields are Wild

Traveling to the SLO / Paso Robles region just got a little more exciting with…

Wild Fields has Ryan (wait for it) Fields Brewing In Atascadero. If that name is familiar, he was at Beachwood as well as Pizza Port so that bodes well for the beer.

A New Shadow

San Fernando has a new brewery. The Gaiman-esque logo’d Shadow Grove Brewing. Currently they have only growler-to-go as well as pre-order special releases. The main beers are a pale ale, nut brown ale and a Czech pils which is nicely off-kilter style wise.

Look forward to a 1st visit in the weeks to come.

1st Visit – Lawless Brewing in North Hollywood

The end of April saw the opening of Lawless Brewing and I quickly hopped over to check it out for a first visit.

The warehouse space outside doesn’t hint at the silver, metallic two floor space inside. There is the usual bar and indoor seating but because of the height it doesn’t seem constrained. Personally, I hope the mezzanine seating is opened because you can get a nice view of the brewing area and have some people watching.

The beer list was split in thirds by pilsner/lager, hoppy and stout. Between myself and beer buddy Richard, we tasted at least one from each category and found the light beers the best of the group. I voted the Mexican Lager winner with the Bohemian pilsner second over the West Coast IPA.

The time we visited issues arose for both their QR code menu and ordering system as well as their credit card system but the staff was friendly and gave updates and were flexible which made all the difference. That is key to return visits which is also helped by a new Single Hop Strata pils that is in the pipeline.

Mc is Back

From the ashes of the Green Flash / Alpine Brewing deal of a few years back comes…

Son and Father Brewing duo of Shawn and Pat McIlhenney will be Brewing again in Alpine, CA!

You can read the full story from the excellent Brandon Hernandez HERE.

Meet Benny in the Fall

Ground has been broken for Benny Boy Brewing

…and the fingers crossed / everything goes to plan opening date is September. Knowing the City of LA and the then (hopefully) after effects of pandemic times, I would say October or November might be closer.

Either way this freeway adjacent, five lanes of traffic away from the Brewery Blocks brewery and Cidery should be an excellent outdoor spot to re-acclimate oneself to drinking at a new brewery instead of the four-pack and flee method currently in place.

Updates to follow.

1st Visit – All Seasons Brewing

Crazy to think that breweries have been opening in this post inaugural less crazy time. But they have been and I made a quick first can release visit under cloudy L.A. skies to All Seasons Brewing.

The corner lot is just south of Wilshire in the middle of a flurry of subway and condo activity. It has a big outdoor but covered patio and some colorful murals (not to my taste) on one side near medium sized silo. Obviously indoors was shut but there was a line forming at the stroke of noon when they opened to sell their first three beers. Pilsner, lager and West Coast IPA. I would like to have seen something a little more left field for the third beer. A Belgian Tripel or hoppy red ale and I am not a fan of the branding design. I would lean more into the old-time race car aesthetic. All Season has a tire tie-in but I would have gone with some racing term instead.

But what about the beer, you say? The Pilsner defeated the Bullitt IPA but both could use a bit of tweaking to make them really sing. The Pilsner water profile was a little off key to me and the IPA was fine but is currently middle of the pack in a competitive style.

All 23rd

If you missed this post on the Instagram, well, you still have a couple days to prep for another new L.A. brewery opening….

All Season Brewing looks to be starting up down on South La Brea. More news and reviews to follow later this month.

Future Out – Past In

Ximix Brewing didn’t last too long in Gardena, State Brewing was humming along until the first wave of pandemic stopped their Gardena brewery. Now a name from California’s history is taking a stab at reviving beer in Gardena, Eureka Brewing Co.

They are going to start going uphill as they open after Thanksgiving, after outdoor seating, during stay-at-home orders. But they do have an ace brewer in Phil McDaniel, formerly of King Harbor Brewing and they are taking over the former Ximix space, so they could hit the ground brewing at least.

Look for a 1st Visit report.

A Red Engine

You nevertheless know what bit of info you can glean from a beer label, I learned about a new brewery coming to Santa Clarita from one….

Red Engine Brewing Company is slated to open in 2021. Here is the website copy, “Red Engine Brewing Company will be the newest brewery and taproom in Santa Clarita, California – a bedroom suburban community located in north Los Angeles County. We are currently conducting research to identify the best location, likely to be near a newly-developing area of Santa Clarita. We plan to open in the summer or fall of 2021.”

I think it is best to look long and hard when it comes to location and put 2020 way, way in the rear view mirror. Watch this space or their social media for further info.