1st Visit – Naughty Pine Brewing

Only one week and counting old is Westlake Village’s Naughty Pine Brewing Co.

It is tucked into an industrial park just off the freeway. Pretty typical for a small craft brewery, they find the tucked away spots. It is named for the street that founders live on, kind of. There is Knotty and then there is Naughty.

I had a taster of all of the beers they had on tap for weekend two with a quick hit review…

Naughty Pine Hop Naught IPA – very light. more session to me.

Naughty Pine Bruges Lace Belgian Dubbel – my favorite, clean and well done.

Naughty Pine Disciple of Ohm Saison – a little too strong and to close to dubbel and tripel territory

Naughty Pine Supply Chain Deficit Rye Amber – a well done amber, my second favorite. rye is a good touch.

Naughty Pine Sturdy B- Pils – well done. could use a little more zip and bubble to me though.

As for the space itself, it does have a sort of canned pseudo French house thing going on complete with big clock and fireplace. I like the logo and glassware much better so just focus on the beer. They also have outdoor seating as well.

NP has made a good start and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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