1st Visit – Glenwood Smokehouse

I took a walk through Glendale over to Brand Boulevard to the recently added Glenwood Smokehouse yesterday to eat some BBQ and check out their curated craft beer list.

1st off the BBQ aromas are great when you walk in and even better when the food hits the table. This is really good brisket, pork ribs as well as chicken (roasted or fried or winged). The sides and appetizers are elevated and tasty. The fried pickles were great and that is not something that I usually would order.

Now that the quality of the food is settled, let’s dig into the beer list. 24 taps on the wall leading to a cooler with the tell-tale red tubing that means that care and expense were taken to have the beer at proper temperature.

There were five Beachwood taps, three Radiant Beer Co. taps and a pair for Riip Beer as well. Right there is a big time savings for me. No need to travel to Orange County. I can walk.

The style mix is good and there is a good balance of rotating taps to fixed beers including three house beers. With nods to seltzer, cider and kombucha too. There is a cocktail program as well.

Plus, if you sit out front, you get a view of the people streaming in and out of the Americana Mall.

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