1st Visit – Alamo Drafthouse

It has been open a while now but with a weekend in DTLA planned, I waited to try out the Alamo Drafthouse until a few days ago. Here is the re-cap…(with a bit of movie review thrown in)

Tucked into the back top right corner of the Bloc complex, the Drafthouse is not easily seen from 7th Street. Inside you have the typical ticket counter albeit not the huge but understaffed kind at your local multi-plex. To the right is where the fun is. The Video Vortex is part free video store and pre-show meet-up / hang-out space and the beer board is quite expansive and unlike other non-bar spots, they have made an effort to have both local and nationwide beers. And they have helped out educationally by separating them out on the menu board.

Now you can order here but if you are pressed for time. Ride the escalator up to the auditoriums and place your order there. The wait staff were helpful especially since many in our viewing of The Parasite were newbies to the Alamo. Place an order before the show or use their pencil and paper old-timey method to get a refill during the movie. Their was even a special Boomtown beer just for the movie, Bong Joon Hops named after the director.

The movie itself was very engrossing and just when you think you had it figured out, the plot would zig to the left and then zag to the right. It was hard at times to watch and funny as well but it certainly was making a commentary on the relationships of both class and families. And the twists are sharp.