No, not the gum or the three-pronged spear. This is a new hop blend just released as of last week from Hopsteiner.

The blend is a mix of (3) Pacific NW hops. According to Hopsteiner, it “is a blend developed for those seeking a hop-forward punch to the nose – fruity, citrus, tropical, passion fruit combination to fit any beer style. Using Tridentâ„¢ is sure to cast a much wider range of aroma and flavor characteristics than any single hop variety could generate on its own.”

That is not the most appealing image I have ever seen (why is there a tomato in the lower left corner?) but the point is strongly made that this will be a “fruit wave”. Now we wait to see how well this plays in the marketplace. Will it burst like Citra or have more of a slow boil like Strata?