The Firkin for July 2019

I may have to petition that some emojis be struck from use. I have a list but right now the top culprit is the popcorn emoji. First and foremost because that stuff is way overpriced in movie theaters.

Seriously, when I see that emoji on a Facebook post or re-tweet, I know that someone behind it is just trying to stir the pot. And yes, sometimes that pot needs to be stirred, but most of the time, does it really?

It is far too easy to trigger someone these days. So I don’t know what thrills can be had by eliciting a response on Twitter. I don’t tweet often and since I do not like confrontation rarely post inflammatory ideas. I responded to a tweet about hard seltzers with the preamble of “in my opinion” and got a response questioning why someone would marry me. I had to get up and walk around because I was laughing so hard that someone got that worked up. Maybe other people get energy from it in a way that I cannot fathom.

Also, most of the popcorn posts don’t offer any solutions and most don’t post anything but negativity so all they end up being is basically a sewage pipe of lewd labels, questionable word choice and everything from barely rude to extremely offensive. It may start out as funny but eventually it becomes wearying.

I listen to a podcast called Dumb People Town. If it were not for the humor and the actual friendship between the hosts and their comedy guests, all it would be was a catalog of human stupidity and sadness. Beer social media needs that addition. I don’t know what emoji that would be but maybe something like and fun, like a beer emoji.