The Firkin for April 2020

OK, rule breakers. If you were allowed to sit in a taproom today, would you? I would feel safe that breweries or restaurants would not keep a sick person serving because the backlash would be really bad. But if the normal seating capacity of a space was, say, twenty people and there was already more than five there, I would hesitate.

Partially because I do not want to go this far without catching the virus and then get it on the rebound. But, obviously, I am in the minority. If a beach is open , people will flock together no matter if someone dressed as the Grim Reaper is walking with them mocking them.

I will be taking it slow and steady. As restrictions are eased, I will go out a little more, maybe travel to a further away taproom while traffic stays lighter than usual. But I won’t be returning to my normal clip of visits until the second wave has passed. And that first brewery party or fest is going to be real weird for sure.