San Diego Spider

Tarantula Hill Brewing is making a big leap to the San Diego area, San Marcos specifically as the Thousand Oaks based brewery will utilize the space once used by the Draft Republic restaurant.  This news was first broken by Brandon Hernandez at SD Beer News.

Will an outer rim of L.A. brewery fly in San Diego County?

Brewjeria 2

Brewjeria in Pico Rivera has news.  As in a new location.  And it is a bit of a drive from their comfy original location.  B2 will be in Chula Vista, which I have to admit, I have never been to in all my SoCal years.

Good to see the Brewjeria folks are expanding.

Lab Envy

It is not often that a seemingly normal tap takeover becomes the launch party for a brewery taking over a bar.  But Long Beach Beer Lab will be taking over the operation of Bar Envie which will become a new Long Beach Beer Lab tasting room and kitchen.

No timetable yet for the turnaround to LBB but good to see the growth for the brewery.

1st Visit – Paperback at the Exchange

The City of Glendale loves a shopping block that hides.  There are two on successive blocks on the main drag, Brand Boulevard. The Exchange is the older and the city has been trying to revitalize for a long time. The dark side of the building is partially pedestrian only and except for a stalwart coffee shop has had a flux of shops.

But now Paperback Brewing has arrived alongside a British Tea Shop and a live comedy venue.  Maybe? a corner has been turned.

The question is how to get people to the space because the space is cool.  Nothing extraordinary, just a typical retail rectangle but it has been decorated artfully well and there is plenty of seating.  It is a cool spot with a summarized selection of their overall portfolio that I encourage people to visit.  

Get a King Taco or In n Out and have a beer a food on a weeknight for date night.

1st Visit – Arrow Lodge DTLA

On a recent Saturday, I struck out for the Arts District to visit the new DTLA location of Arrow Lodge Brewing. Arrived a hair late behind a ton of runners who stop at breweries in between running or maybe vice versa.

That long wait time snafu aside, the corner space of the Covina brewery’s DTLA taproom is a bit spare looking and does not have the outdoorsy camp vibe of the original.  Concrete floors and walls with a few L.A. sports murals of Fernando Valenzuela and Kobe Bryant.  Only a small patio space too and quite loud when full.  

Not that I need a big beer list but there were only 8 beers on tap with three being sours / fruited beers. Considering the rain and cold that L.A. rarely gets, a couple heartier beers would have been good.

I liked the name, so I ordered up the Zig Zag Zig IPA which was solid. The beertender did a a tremendous job with the rush crowd and made me feel at home despite the LA Galaxy jersey. (RCTID)

With both Angel City and Arts District within a few minutes slow walk, you can grab one beer at each while avoiding the running crowds.


Today, Eureka Brewing opens location #2 and it is quite a bit of distance from their Gardena brewery and taproom. Thousand Oaks to be exact.

They are taking over a Dudes Brewing spot on Thousand Oaks Blvd.

A Highland Park Fling

You may remember Maximilliano, the restaurant that was an interesting an unofficial Craftsman Brewing outlet. That concept closed but the next tenant will keep the restaurant with a side of beer theme.

MacLeod Ales will be taking over the space and hope to open this time next year. Their pizza business next door to their Van Nuys brewery was a great success and now they will try to replicate it.