Review – Stillwater Classique


Stillwater Artisanal Ales is known for their saisons and the dark, foreboding woodcut-esque labels.  So a yellow can seems a little out of place but that is what I bought at Sunset Beer.  And the pilsner inside is also bright and light yellow. The glass is filled with lots of bubbles. The dominant aroma is potpourri and I get herbal notes and vanilla in the taste. Taste lingers pleasantly. Flowery as well.  This beer really shows a light touch.


On the side of my brain that isn’t devoted to beer, I am awed and still freaked out about this hidden octopus on the Science Friday website.  Check out the video HERE.  I can’t stop saying cephalopod now.

Trumer in LA


Trumer Pils is one of my favorite beers.  Clean and simple and refreshing.  I understand it is not extreme and so the beer snobs eschew it but I have been cognizant to look for it whenever I was beer shopping and now I might be able to get it on a more regular basiss because, ” the award-winning pilsner brewed in Berkeley, Calif. is now available to craft beer enthusiasts in Southern California – from Monterey to San Diego – making Trumer available throughout the entire state of California. Trumer can be found at Vons, Total Wine, BevMo! and select Costco locations. Trumer is available in 6- and 12-pack bottles and will be available on draught at select restaurants and bars.”

And I have seen it at City Tavern and at the Verdugo.



Beer Flats crackers

I turned the corner onto the beer aisle at my Whole Foods and what did I see nestled in amongst the Hangar 24 Oktoberfest 4-packs? Beer crackers. In pilsner and porter flavors no less.

They come from a company called Beer Flats. They “are artisinal flatbread crackers made with craft beer, whole grains and butter.”

Now you can grab some cheese made with beer, some of those Dogfish Head pickles and have a true gourmet craft beer binge.

Pilsen’s Small Breweries Club

I saw this article in the NY Times earlier this month and is my style, am just now getting to post it for those traveling to the wellspring of lager.

This part of the travelogue caught my eye….“The best news for thirsty tourists, however, might be the new Klub Malych Pivovaru, or Small Breweries Club, an easygoing, youthful bar whose dinginess belies that it is refreshingly (and atypically, for the Czech Republic) nonsmoking. Four rotating taps offer unusual beers from regional Czech and Bavarian producers, with several oddball specialties available in bottles, like the Regenator doppelbock from Germany’s obscure J. B. Falter label.

Though the ramshackle, romper-room décor of the bar leaves something to be desired, the beer geek is likely to be satisfied by its blend of picnic tables, grime and obscure beer-related knickknacks. But for thirsty pilgrims who chance upon an exciting new brew — like the madly hoppy Quarterback IPA from Pivovar Kocour — in one of the world’s greatest brewing towns, finishing a trip here can feel like the culmination of a religious experience.”

Who knew that you can get an American style IPA named after an American football position in the land of Pilsener Urquell?

Beer Bloggers + Brew Dog =

What happens when you get three of the leading lights of Craft Beer Writing and let them create a beer with the BrewDog?

“The result is a 7.5% ‘Imperious Pilsner’. Zak wrote some label copy that goes on about killing your ideals and worshipping your heroes and stuff, which is really good and adorns the bottle label. But basically it’s doing to lager what new wave brewers such as Brew Dog have done to pale ales, porters and stouts. (I’m not saying we’re the first – just that that’s what we did.) It features an insane amount of Saaz hops, and was lagered for a full six weeks before being dry-hopped with yet more Saaz.”

Kudos to Zak Avery, Mark Dredge and Pete Brown!

Happy Anniversary

Not mine, that is back in October. But thanks!

Today is the anniversary of the first sale of Pilsner Urquell!

Josef Groll brought a brand new style into the world this day in 1842. Pilsner Urquell was first served at the feast of Saint Martin markets.

So raise a glass of good pils (it’s out there) and give thanks to this delicious beer style.

LA Beer Week – Oktoberfest @ the Verdugo

A blazing hot October day in the valley, but that didn’t stop beer lovers from coming out to sample some authentic German beer and to try some Firestone-Walker, Skyscraper and Shmalz Brewing as well.


Here is what I had….
Julius Echter Hefeweizen – a new entry to the SoCal market. This Hefe has the clove part down but could use some banana flavor upgrading. Very filling for a Hefe.

Firestone Oaktoberfest
– Orange brown in color. Had a little of everything. Malty, sparkly, alcoholic and sweet. Awesome for a colder day.

Skyscraper Backhoe Brown
– A very nice brown ale. At 6% alcohol it is not wimpy. Nicely balanced beer. Some browns are too sweet but this is not. I really like the seasonals from these guys.

Schneider Hopfen-Weiss – Second time trying this beer and I still can’t get it. Medicinal to me. The hops are weird, the weiss is strong. Not my favorite.

Kostritzer Pilsner – Pretty tasty pils. I liked it. Did not have the tinny taste of some that I have had. Perfect college football beer. Crisp and clean.

There was German music blaring and drinking contests and coaster building. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

P.S. I made a point to ask people what their favorite beer was and all gave me a different answer. That must mean a good selection across the board.