Review – Lazy Susan from Highland Park


I finally cracked open the bottle of the low ABV but seriously puckery bottle of Lazy Susan from Highland Park Brewery and it is a damn fine sour.  It starts off super tart with a touch of a wine barrel character. As you can see from the photo it pours a lovely orange yellow color and looks great against the slightly surreal label artwork. There is a touch of sweet tart along with a wheat and grain taste in the back. The sour aroma comes off in waves and their is a big initial pucker to it. The peach and nectarine are there but muted behind the sour.

Oregon Collaboration Review # 1 – Pfriem & HPB

Hood River to Highland Park.  That is quite the distance for a collaboration but when the brewers at each have known each other for a long, long time then the miles don’t matter.


And now we have the pFriem Spaceship Pale Ale that is dosed with the German Huell Melon hops. Bob Kunz at Highland Park brewed with Josh of pFriem for this hoppy addition to the HPB family.

The pFriem Spaceship has an orange oil essence aroma while the taste toggles between cereal and orange (skin and essence). Overall this light orange/yellow beer is probably more in the hoppy XPA realm than pale ale. I just wish I had a pFriem pale to do a side by side comparison.

Beacause I am greedy.

#LABW6 – But this is at the SAME time – Thursday the 25th


Your daily “alternate” L.A. Beer Week event source is right here. Do you know how in the World Cup, there is the so-called, “Group of Death”.  The group with the four toughest teams in the tournament.  Well, that is what the 25th is for L.A. Beer Week.  Way too many good things to choose from. So, today, you get two suggestions for where to go!

First up is a special Ballast Point night at Plan Check on Fairfax.  They have great food and you will get to try not only BP beers but their spirits and cocktails made with those spirits.

Or you could get tart and try two new sours from Highland Park Brewery.  One with peaches and one with nectarines! Then see what else the Hermosillo has on tap!


Very Local

Their is local and their is LOCAL and this little bit of news is the latter.  Trystero Coffee dropped the news that they “dropped off a bunch of the natural process Aricha at Highland Park Brewery. That marks the first collaboration between the pair and adds another roaster to the list of coffee beers in SoCal.  And the duo are basically 15 minutes away by side street.


I am excited to try this one because Greg at Trystero describes the Aricha coffee as having “blackberry and some honeysuckle..” notes.