7 for HPB

This week Highland Park Brewery is celebrating turning seven with a trio of beers…

#1 – “High 7 IPA is a 7%ABV hazy west coast IPA hopped with Chinook, Riwaka, Citra, Simcoe, & Citra Cryo. Popping with big aromas of grape Big League Chew, mixed berry Skittles, & giant tropical fruit aromas. Four packs of High 7 IPA are $19 & will be available for pickup or delivery this Tuesday through the link in our bio.”

#2 and 3- “Keep an eye out for more releases this week, including High 7 DDH Hazy DIPA & High 7 Blended Barrel Aged Anniversary Ale.”

-imbo Pils

Highland Park Brewery is known for their pilsners, and rightfully so, and they have a new one for you….

Here are the details including a worthy cause associated with the beer –

“Jimbo Pils is a 5.5%ABV wicked hoppy Pilsner hopped with Strata, Mosaic, & NZ Cascade. This beer explodes right from the can with aromas of juicy mango, fresh pineapple, citrus zest, & big passion fruit. Jimbo is very similar to Timbo Pils but has a lighter body with a lighter malt presence & lower bitterness. Our brewer Keenan describes Jimbo Pils as “a tropical crispy boy!”

A portion of the proceeds from Jimbo Pils will be going to an organization that is very important to James, @hemosocal. This organization helps families & people with Hemophilia, or other bleeding disorders, get the resources they need & have been helping the SoCal community since 1954. Check out the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California’s page for more info & to see how you can help support. “

How’s Yours?

Once of my pet peeves are label designs that use unreadable fonts but I like this beer name, How’s Your Day. The collaboration between Modern Times and Highland Park Brewery is another West Coast-style IPA, this one “loaded with Strata & Mosaic for a wildly successful intermingling of passion fruit, mango, citrus, and piney notes.”

A Highland Park Craftsman

Highland Park is close to Pasadena, so it seems right to have Craftsman Brewing do the team up thing with Highland Park Brewery. Below is the newsletter news…

“Earlier this year we inherited a wine foudre from Craftsman, so obviously we wanted our first brew into it to be with Mark & the gang! We brewed a beer & then transferred it into the foudre to ferment away fora while. In that foudre we used wild yeast propagated from acorns that came from Mark’s backyard!”

This news will keep me searching for when it gets tapped or bottled for sure.


The brewery that started teeny-tiny at the Hermosillo has grown considerably in five years, now occupying a grand space near the Chinatown Gold Line stop.

Now Highland Park Brewery is celebrating 5 years….

” We’re turning 5!!!
Save the date, Sunday March 24th, as we celebrate our 5th anniversary with a rad party!
We couldn’t celebrate without our brewery friends so expect a killer beer list to be announced soon!”
Tickets go on sale this Friday but keep an eye out for more info on what breweries will be here & where to purchase your tickets.

Fran and the Full Pint

The Full Pint folks just can’t seem to stop celebrating their 11th Anniversary. This Friday the 26th, the crew head to Highland Park Brewery in Chinatown to debut Franbo Pils, the Franny-ized version of Timbo Pils with 4-packs and their fancy 11th glassware.

The pils is dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops and the label is flat out cool.

Mixed Culture and Pils

One of the side benefits of Firestone Walker bringing brewers to Los Angeles for their Pils & Love Fest is that those same brewers are in town and bring more beer with them.

Case in point: Highland Park – Chinatown will have two special events that might have you riding the Gold Line two evenings in a row….

Thursday July 26th is a Mixed Culture tap takeover with our friends visiting from out of state as well as some California locals.

Friday July 27th
is our Lager tap takeover with Burial Beer featuring the same group of rad breweries from the night before.