Hangar 24 – The 3rd

Positive news from Hangar 24. The Redlands brewery that rode Orange Wheat to multiple locations and then faded from sight. They are now opening a tap room + restaurant at the Intersect Campus in Irvine.

Per a facebookd post the 3rd H24 location will sport the “an indoor bar and seating area, full restaurant for sit-down and to-go food orders, event and live music venue, a massive outdoor bar and lounge, pool table, volleyball court, lawn games…”

It will soft open on March the 2nd while being updated when a summer re-opening should occur.

Two New Rolls

I just emptied a cellar beer from 2011 from the Hangar 24 brewery and the branding was much different from two new aged ales coming from Redlands….

I am most intrigued with the blueberry sour blonde. After not liking several fruited beers, I have had some better examples lately and think this one might be good now or in the future.

Up From the Cellar – 2011 Pugachev’s Cobra from Hangar 24

I am trying to remember to pull up a beer from the cellar once a month. I feel that I need to catch back up to the amount purchased. This month, we have a 2011 beer from Hangar 24 in Redlands. This Russian Imperial Stout smells like a rum barrel and not bourbon. Initially this super dark beer is quite sweet then there is quite a burn going down the throat. There is also a strange sort of woody note tucked inside as well. Three distinct flavor stages. This beer does not let you forget it is strong but it does end very dry. For a 7 plus year old beer, it has held up. With the years this beer might be sharper with no rounded notes that might have been there earlier but still a good sipper.


I haven’t had a Hangar 24 beer in quite a while. Primarily because they are way out in Redlands and I would have to pass a bunch of breweries that I have yet to visit to get there.

But I am thinking about picking up their Wedge, a “three-citrus blend of blood oranges, navel oranges, and grapefruit, all locally grown in California.” This new DIPA (dropped yesterday) pairs with Zythos hops and might just be strong enough to get over that fruited IPA hump.

Two from H24

It is not often that the Baltic Porter style shows up on shelves and rarer still to see barrel-aged versions. But Hangar 24 has two variants to try under their Barrel Roll banner.
First is….

…but I would try the Polish Breakfast first. Sounds like a good use of brandy barrels to me.

A Hangar in Havasu

I am actually kind of surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner and sorta hoped they would have found airspace closer to L.A. but Hangar 24</strong> has unveiled that they will be opening a new location at the bustling (?) Lake Havasu City Airport in Arizona!

And this second location will feature a restaurant, a pilot brewing system, plus taps featuring H24 beers as well as select guest taps from other “independently” owned craft breweries.

They will also have access to a pair of airplane hangars for events and will be situated right on (what’s left of) the water.
Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.27.26 PM

An Iconic Glide

Hangar 24 started off the year by giving new names to two hoppy offerings. On the lighter end, 4.0% to be exact is the Easy Glider Session IPA. If you are a fan of the Equinox hop, then this is the one for you. Easy Glider will slot in below Betty IPA and the Double IPA which will now have a real name, Iconic. Three C hops and Simcoe plus local orange blossom honey make up this big beer.