BrewDog somehow manages to straddle the line of being grandstanding while still being true to the beer.  And this later Twitter inspired brew is a perfect example of that, “Inspired by the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of craft beer drinkers, we set out to create a truly democratic craft beer. We entrusted all the important decisions to our fans, customers and anyone who wanted to learn more about the craft brewing process and cast their vote. We gave up complete control of every single decision which shaped the final beer that the #MashTag project produced.”

And what did #MashTag become?  A big 7.5% “American Brown Ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged on Hazelnuts and Oak chips.”  Whether that combo works is another story but I am intrigued.

Now how do I hashtag a #mashtag?

Race to Zero

From the “just when you think you have them pegged” file…..Flying Dog and BrewDog take a different tack

“Our combative collaboration with BrewDog – International Arms Race Zero IBU IPA – pits brewer against brewer in a battle of the brewing arts. Unlike your standard collaboration, each brewery will craft its own version of the beer, guided only by common ingredients.

These “terms of agreement” highlight the human element of the brewing process. Even with agreed-upon ingredients, the hands that craft it are hugely influential.

Another challenge in this collab? Hops, a brewer’s best weapon on the IPA front, are banned from there battlefield.

To create a Zero IBU IPA, we all agreed on a list of ingredients – spearmint, bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries, and elderflower – to replace the bitterness typically imparted by hops.”

BrewDog in London

In case you missed it like I did, BrewDog Camden opened in December of last year expanding the reach of the Scottish renegades beer crusade south.

Or as BrewDog puts it, “Just a stone’s throw from Camden Tube Station, the BrewDog bar at 113 Bayham Street adds a much needed craft beer injection to an area that’s typically associated with a twisted mix of indie drinking dens, chic VIP venues and mental aslyums.”

So now there are 3 locations to get your BrewDog on.

Beer Bloggers + Brew Dog =

What happens when you get three of the leading lights of Craft Beer Writing and let them create a beer with the BrewDog?

“The result is a 7.5% ‘Imperious Pilsner’. Zak wrote some label copy that goes on about killing your ideals and worshipping your heroes and stuff, which is really good and adorns the bottle label. But basically it’s doing to lager what new wave brewers such as Brew Dog have done to pale ales, porters and stouts. (I’m not saying we’re the first – just that that’s what we did.) It features an insane amount of Saaz hops, and was lagered for a full six weeks before being dry-hopped with yet more Saaz.”

Kudos to Zak Avery, Mark Dredge and Pete Brown!

Ocean 77

No it is not the latest in the George Clooney caper movies. It is a sequel of sorts or a side project for the mad brewers at BrewDog.

They have two beers ready, an IPA and a Stout. Pedestrian for people who stuff beer into taxidermy but the twist is that this is a private label type thing. These two beers will be a store exclusive. What store? Tell me if you find out.


Brewdog has something that will put high ABV to shame as a pursuit. It is beer as art according to the separate (from the main) website.

Abstrakt is a new type of beer brand, we will only ever brew and release a beer once
Abstrakt will release a very small number of limited edition batches per year
More art than beer, Abstrakt will brew directional, boundary pushing beers: blurring distinctions and transcending categories
All Abstrakt beers are bottle-conditioned, individually numbered and known only by their release code, e.g. AB:01″

They have released and sold out of three beers already with more on the way.

The 03 sounds delicious. Which one would you shell out 10 or more pounds for?

Tactical Nuclear Penguin + Tokyo

First, big shout out to Josh at FoodGPS who purchased not only the famed Tokyo from BrewDog in Scotland but also TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN!!
TNP tokyo
That’s right. The highest alcohol beer on the entire PLANET! Alot of all caps, I know but this beer costs a good 37 pounds in England.

This was one hell of a beer. Big whiskey aromas almost assault your nose. A sip burns the tongue and anything else it comes into contact with warming alcohol. A big roasty, peat taste dominates. It comes in a 12 oz bottle but can easily be shared by six people. This is a sipper to slowly enjoy.

BrewDog release

The inventive folks at BrewDog are at it again“BrewDog brewers of Fraserburgh described TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN the 32 per cent proof tipple as its “most audacious and ambitious project to date”.

BrewDog, which describes itself as making “progressive, craft beers” was previously responsible for an 18.2pc drink called Tokyo which it claimed had been “banned” by the Portman Group, the industry body which runs a voluntary code of conduct.

It also made a low alcohol brew which it mockingly name “Nanny State”.

Only 500 bottles of its latest beer have been produced, with half going on sale for £30 each and remainder offered for £250 with a share in the company also on offer.

In a posting on the company’s website, James Watt, the managing director said: “This beer is bold, irreverent and uncompromising, a beer with a soul and a purpose, a statement of intent.”

He added: “Beer has a terrible reputation in Britain, it’s ignorant to assume that a beer can’t be enjoyed responsibly like a nice dram or a glass of fine wine.

“A beer like Tactical Nuclear Penguin should be enjoyed in spirit sized measures.

“It pairs fantastically with vanilla bean white chocolate it really brings out the complexity of the beer and complements the powerful, smoky and cocoa flavours.”

A warning on the label advises drinkers to take it in small servings: “and with an air of aristocratic nonchalance. ”


from the BrewDog blog comes this news…“The long awaited Zephyr is being bottled at the brewery today. This will be the first bottling from our new piece of equipment for filling champagne bottles which are to be bottled conditioned. Zephyr started off life as a 9% Double IPA which has spent 21 months in a 1965 Invergordon whisky cask which was stuffed with fresh strawberries. It is now a 12% translucent pink strawberry infused Belgian inspired wood aged ale.

We are expecting a yield of around 250 bottles. The label has been designed by young Scottish designer Johanna Basford and is stunning. The beer will also come packaged in a presentation box.

Here is some more information on the project:

We are fortunate enough that Martin’s grandmother owns a lovely little Scottish strawberry farm, we decided to take full advantage of this.

We also had a Invergordon 1965 whisky cask. Invergordon is a fantastic grain whisky with amazing coconut, vanilla and toffee flavours. The fact the whisky had been in the cask for 42 years prior to us getting it made it even more special. We decided to combine 3 of our favourite things; old whisky casks, Martin’s grandmother’s strawberries and IPA.

We filled the cask with our 9% Imperial India pale ale along with a whopping 30 kilos of fresh strawberries, or maybe 29 kilos – James seemed to eat alot of them…

After the beer had been in the barrel for 2 months we decided we could no longer wait to sample the beery treasures held in the oak. And what better time to open them than when 2 of our customers came to visit? James’ gently tapped the cask only for the bung to explode skywards followed by a 6 foot high volcanic eruption of strawberry beer, completely soaking everyone in the vicinity with sticky strawberry seeds and hoppy ale. It had been fermenting in the cask – allot! The sugars in the strawberries had triggered the yeast still in the beer. It continued to ferment away slowly for another few weeks – this time with a proper pressure release fitted to ensure no more strawberry showers.

It looks and tastes amazing. It is a bright, translucent, fluorescent almost transparent pink colour – it is unlike anything I have ever seen in a glass. The hops of the India pale ale have died down a little but still give it a reassuring bite, the strawberry flavours dominate the nose and the coconut, vanilla and oak flavours of the cask hold it all together.”

This is supposed to be retailing for $100. But it still seems worth it. I do like the IPA’s that have light flavours like berry and oak.