Sean Suggests for August 2015

We leave the state of California behind in this month’s shopping list as we hit up three very different styles and ABVS.

Boulevard Brewing/ Pop-Up Session IPA 4.30% ABV
“Boulevard Pop-Up Session I.P.A. joins its big brothers Single-Wide and Double-Wide in our trailer park of hop-centric beers. This “session” model is built for frequent excursions, with a very drinkable character and relatively low bitterness tucked behind a big, fruity hop aroma”

Left Hand Brewing/ Oktoberfest 6.60% ABV
“This is no festivus for the restuvus – on the contrary – we start brewing in the Spring and it takes a full two months to reach lagered perfection. Biscuity, malty goodness dominates upfront while the noble pedigree hops lend a properly spicy, dry finis”

Sound Brewery/ Tripel Entendre 9.90% ABV
“Complexity and balance from a simple recipe of the finest ingredients obtainable. Clear and light in color, this strong Belgian ale drinks smooth and easy but has the complexity to complement the finest meals or to savor alone at the end of the evening.”