Traverse City Whiskey Company has come up with an imaginative use of barrels that breweries could use as a template for barrels that they are finished with…

…through the summer, “the company is encouraging locals and visitors alike to participate in a citywide scavenger hunt to locate the various barrels. Participants who find a barrel can scan the QR Code to learn more about the program. There are different prizes for finding specific numbers of barrels. After scanning the QR code, participants will take a selfie in front of the barrel and then post it to their personal Facebook or Instagram and tag TCWC. At the end of the barrel program, TCWC will auction off a select number of barrels to the public during an event at The Stillhouse to be announced. Proceeds will benefit a local charity or charities.”

L.A. has had some success with angel statues painted by different artists and my City of Glendale has had artists painting utility boxes for years. I could see beer labels embiggened onto a barrel or artwork inspired by the labels at least.

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