Review – Old Schoolhouse Fresh Hop IPA

When faced with smartly buying craft beer, sometimes you don’t take a flyer on a brewery that you know little about.  Luckily, I had some mad money to spend and took the risk on a fresh hop IPA from Old Schoolhouse in Winthrop, Washington.


This IPA pours a brilliant bright orange that the photo does not do justice to.  Then there is a big aroma of fruit punch and grape with a little bit of spice in there as well.  Just delightful smelling.  One of those beers that you could twirl under your nose for minutes without drinking.  The taste packs a punch.  Lots of grape notes.  The bitterness lingers and is even a little dry at the back.  This is the first bottle from a recent Let’s Pour purchase and I don’t see how the others will compare.  Though I hope they do.