Review – Mocha Machine from Beachwood Brewing

What is this?  A review of a beer NOT from Sierra Nevada?  Well it is Beachwood and I do love their beers, so yeah. And yes this was a “press copy”,but  I knew that impartiality would be hard no matter how the bottle made its way to my ‘fridge.  But I will soldier on with an objective review.


Mocha Machine is a Bronze Medal World Beer Cup medalist from 2014 and there is good reason.  This is a serious coffee bomb.  Coffee Beers can be big on aroma and too light on flavor but even the chocolate adds more of a bitter nib taste instead of milk chocolate so you get a double whammy of bitter that really sings.  There is a pepper skin aroma from the coffee beans that really adds an additional note that I like which is weird because I can’t eat regular peppers at all.

This does taste stronger than the 9+% ABV and is best shared.  I poured a bit out for my sis-in-law to have with dessert.  But I think this beer would actually be best paired with mole or maybe something with bacon.


Bottles are hard to come by but you will find it (occasionally) on tap at the two Beachwood locations.