Review – Deep Roots from Three Weav3rs

Deep Roots is my favorite beer from Three Weav3rs. And now that they are bottling their stuff, I have the chance to see how the ESB fares in the bottle.
First off, I really like the design. No matter the color, you know you are looking at a Three Weav3rs beer with the wavy lines painted on the bottle. I also like that the beer description is in a nice sized font and not the Stone eye test font.

On to the beer, the aroma has a woodsy-sawdust aroma to it that I really enjoy. The flavor has a good bite of hops that compliments the malt focus that is really the star of the show. There is a nutty taste that I associate with British beers here as well. Maybe a little to citrusy for a traditional ale but compared to the prevailing West-Coast style it is very Great (Britain).