Review – Anomaly from Monkish Brewing

Monkish Brewing of Torrance has begun bottling some of their beers.  I have seen Feminist, Magnificat and Anomaly in the distinctive and beautiful packaging that I have come to expect from Henry.  So now it is time to re-review the Belgian Strong Ale that is Anomaly.


First up is my draught version review from June of 2012, Nice dark brown color. Aroma gives off some fruit notes. Taste is really mellow and smooth. A good melding of of chocolate and fruit. A nice strong ale without bells and whistles.

In the bottle, the taste remains pretty much the same.  I notice a little more Belgian yeast character and a touch less chocolate which brings the fruit notes forward a bit more.  All in all, a really nice weekend sipper of a beer.  Just a classy beer that doesn’t jump out at you but demands that you pay more attention to each sip.