Re-Visit – The Daily Pint

Well, I had hoped that The Daily Pint would have upgraded the old-school pub on Pico Boulevard but except for a re-decorated bathroom and a mural of KC3 (the new King of England), it seems the same with TV’s in odd spots, a bar that breaks up and darkens the space and a beer list that is quite high priced and though local influenced doesn’t lean into British much at all.

Looking for positives, there is a nice display of mostly Scotches and some whiskeys but no cocktail menu and a bartender working alone who has to search hither and yon for anything that is not a well spirit.

Last point to make is that they had a Strand Brewing IPA on tap. Strand, sadly, has been closed for months. And there was no mention of that fact, when if it was sold as the last keg or as a special brewery closed beer just to turn it over. Which led me to be wary of how fast any of that beer was being moved.