Photo Bomb Away

If you have the creative side and love taking beer photos than the new April seasonal, Scarlett on Brett from Fort Collins Brewing will allow you to take wild photos to match the wild ale and maybe win a prize.

The Colorado brewery is asking craft beer fans to post their “most adventurous photos” on either Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, make sure to add the hashtag #ScarlettTakeover.
bottle mockup scarlett
The beer is an 8% a wild ale using that wild Brettanomyces yeast strain in the primary fermentation. Fort Collins Brewer Shaun Salyards, explains further, “As a primary fermentation strain, brett will create tropical flavors. While we wanted to showcase the brettanomyces, we also wanted to make the beer drinkable and that’s what I love about it. It remains approachable but hopefully educational for folks who haven’t tasted a primary fermented brett beer.”