Review – Monkster Mash from Spencer Trappist

Classic carved pumpkin look to this fall seasonal from the Spencer Brewery in Massachusetts. The Abbey has made a simple beer that leans more toward the gourd than the “spice” that is in most beers of this type. It is brewed with pumpkin and spices, which, when paired with a Belgian-styled ale interlock together quite nicely. A little slickness to the texture which gives it a push towards pumpkin pie. Added bonus point since the beer pours a bright orange color as well.

1st Visit – Naughty Pine Brewing

Only one week and counting old is Westlake Village’s Naughty Pine Brewing Co.

It is tucked into an industrial park just off the freeway. Pretty typical for a small craft brewery, they find the tucked away spots. It is named for the street that founders live on, kind of. There is Knotty and then there is Naughty.

I had a taster of all of the beers they had on tap for weekend two with a quick hit review…

Naughty Pine Hop Naught IPA – very light. more session to me.

Naughty Pine Bruges Lace Belgian Dubbel – my favorite, clean and well done.

Naughty Pine Disciple of Ohm Saison – a little too strong and to close to dubbel and tripel territory

Naughty Pine Supply Chain Deficit Rye Amber – a well done amber, my second favorite. rye is a good touch.

Naughty Pine Sturdy B- Pils – well done. could use a little more zip and bubble to me though.

As for the space itself, it does have a sort of canned pseudo French house thing going on complete with big clock and fireplace. I like the logo and glassware much better so just focus on the beer. They also have outdoor seating as well.

NP has made a good start and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.


We need to keep our eye on history in order to not repeat mistakes or be able to re-create a tasty beer recipe from years past. Which leads us to this news item…

PB, Banana & Bacon

I do not think that American breweries will ever tire of making Elvis beers that harken back to his favorite food combo. But each time that I see one, I think to myself that a taster would be enough. But with Black Tuesday as the big, burly base, maybe The Bruery is on to something.

Soulful News

Looks like another brewery is on the horizon for Los Angeles as Brown Soul Brewing Co. now has a home and is moving on to the next stages of brewery opening life which are the the permit and paperwork (the 2P’s) followed by the building phase. Wish them luck as they move forward this year.


Smog City Brewing has a new Community Impact Beer on the way.

#3 is in collaboration with The Bay Foundation and is “a West Coast IPA featuring Zappa® & Medusa hops, which are the only hop variety that are native to the Southwest US.”

The Bay Foundation works to “restore native plant species and kelp forests, which fights climate change and keeps our coast balanced & full of life.”

Coming on October 8th.

Cool Beers / Labels for October 2021

Now I can imagine Archer taking a Spy Nap but Brouwerij West won’t be caught sleeping on hops. They have a new Hazy Double IPA packed to the brim with Galaxy, El Dorado, and Motueka hops. Leading to what the brewery says are “aromas & flavors of peach, citrus zest, and candied tropical fruit.”

Oakshire has a great name for their 3rd fearful release with The Fear That Never Was. Plus it sounds luxuriant, “Barreled down in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 23 months, each cask was transferred to a secondary cask for an additional 7 months. Each of the five casks from our favorite Kentucky distillers lent its own symphony to the blended double-barrel result. Robust maple, bourbon-soaked toffee, rich caramel, and tannic-laden oak make this Fear the most complex and intriguing yet. It is unknown even to us, how deep the darkness can go.⁠”

In the Tap Lines for October 2021

header_attractionsI am a strict seasonalist.  No PSL before October. Partially due to being in LA where fall arrives late and we only get a sprinkling of fresh hop beers.  So hold off on your Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Let’s enjoy October first,

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