Needed (or Not)? – Beer Ripples
I do love when I order a coffee drink and there, in the foam, is a leaf or a heart or some other design. That is not something I could do in a million years and it is a cool touch.

Now, how about buying an expensive machine that prints (something edible, I hop) onto the foam of a beer. Something really short like, Beer Good. Won’t that make your beer tastier?

Beer Ripples can print a messages or images on beer foam using malt-based ink. The company also has a coffee equivalent called Coffee Ripple.

You won’t be surprised that it is app enabled and you can select from images or phrases already archived or upload original images. On the downside, it only does one color and you will have to wait for your pint an additional ten+ seconds for it to go into a machine that shoots ink into it.

So, yeah, NOT needed. Put your creativity on a coaster instead.