Not BrMkr?

The de-voweling of company names continues at half pace with…

BeerMkr !

Now, you ain’t gonna get beer in ten minutes. It will take that long to download and set-up the app that you need and to order the special ingredients needed. If I was about to get married, this might be something to put on the registry but I have reservations that it will make you a witbier better than what you can buy.

Shirts on Tap

Most of us haven’t been inside a brewery so many of us probably haven’t bought much non-beer merch from one.

But if you need for you spruce up your t-shirt wardrobe then you might look into Shirts on Tap. Much like many monthly subscription models that are now available for the shop at home, avoid crowds set, you get the shirts sent to you. I have posted about it before but seems more helpful now.

Needed or Not ? – Kona Hot Tub

This luxury item from Kona Brewing has been on offer since December of last year and though the price is 2k, I would say that it is one of the better swag ideas that I have seen. It is a natural fit with beer, especially Kona beers.

It doesn’t land in the Not column and is not really needed but is at least useful and fun.

Fresh Squeezed Soap

Duke Cannon is quite the manly man name for a company. Now you do have to scroll past, Busch, Budweiser and Old Milwaukee soaps to find the one craft brand, which is Deschutes Fresh Squeezed branded soap. Sounds intriguing if expensive at $9.50 for a bar. More of interest to me was the Buffalo Trace version.


I have seen images of a chicken scented face mask from the fast food chain, Jack in the Box. I’m sure KFC has their version. Which got me to thinking. Why is there not a hop scented face mask? Citra on Saturday, Sabro on Sunday.

Or you could try to mimic the smell of a brew day as all the grains are mashed in. I bet more masks would be worn up around the nose if that were the case.

Come on Science, get us beer scented masks!

Glass Merchants Too

Anniversaries have had to be used as pivot points throughout this year and Hop Merchants In North Hollywood would have been celebrating two years, now will be selling fancy glassware they would have used for the special occasion.

The great thing is that you can buy a glass AND something to put in it as well.

Needed or Not? October 2020 – Part 1

Drinking gadgets generally fall under the helpful, outdoorsy and just plain gag gifts. Take a gander at the photo below and you should be able to figure out which of those three categories to put this in….

…the only thing that would make this gag”gier” would be if it were plastic.