Needed or Not? – Mini Infuser

It seems unpopular now, but infusing beer with hops or other spices was a mini-trend and now it is a mini-infuser.

Growler Bro (not the name I would pick) has this tool to add a little va-voom to a beer in a growler.

Now, bear in mind that the description also includes a warning of explosion. But for the constant George Lucas tech tinkerer, this might be a useful tool. So, mark as slightly needed.

Timberland Sam

Need some boots for the brewery or the trails or wherever you wear boots? I wouldn’t know because I don’t think I ever owned boots. But these new ones from Timberland look kinda cool…

I like that the color scheme matches and the logo is prominent but not dominant.

Needed or Not? – Cana

OK, first we need to admit that a Star Trek level food and beverage device would be super cool. I mean who doesn’t want to say, fresh El Segundo Power Plant TIPA, and have Siri (or whomever) pour out a perfect pint.

Cana is trying to merge all of the beverage appliances into one eco friendly package…

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, beer does not make the menu. And I would further guess that the hard seltzer and cocktails that are on the list would be shades of approximation at best.

And as the c|net host helpfully explains, this is like a streaming audio or video file. Parts are missing. Maybe you won’t miss that compacting on a song but audiophiles do and my guess is that if you love a Gin & Tonic, that you will notice that something is off.

Needed or Not? – Not. First, I never trust when their is one tap for ALL the drinks. Just a bad sign. Second, you have to get replacement parts shipped for this including the carbonation, I assume, and how many of these will actually be used vs. how many will end up in a landfill? So the eco claims are less efficacious to me. Which leaves sorta OK drinks that don’t taste fresh.


If you want to let people know that everyone should enjoy beer, let your wrist do the talking.

“As a non-profit, we have to create avenues to keep our operations afloat. Therefore, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Empower Bands to raise funds for Beer is for Everyone.

100% of the purchases of this cuff bracelet will be donated to our organization! So, grab yours today and wear these fighting words: BEER IS FOR EVERYONE.”

Needed or Not – Vax in Front

I applaud those brewery folk who are standing tall and asking to see vaccination cards. They shouldn’t have to play the role of health bouncer but here we are.

Blue Moon has come up with a festive and easy way to show your status….

A little pocket to show your vaccination card like a proud badge. I have to say that I like it. They will need seasonally appropriate shirt options but it works for me.

What Happened in the middle

I have too much glassware, and yet… something about these curvy Budweiser Budvar glasses strikes my fancy…

I would assume the glass is for pilsner but then there is this mug version…

… there is also a version with a wine glass style stem at the bottom.