Needed or Not? – Beer Shade

So, this looks like a tabletop sign that would tell you something about Humble Sea Brewing but if you turn it around David Copperfield style, you get….

…now, I do not think this is blocking out that much sun, plus it looks like something that would tip over kinda easy too.

The only question that needs to be addressed though, is this really needed? Is there really a problem to be solved? Yes, a beer can be skunked really quickly and double yes, we are drinking outside more. But how many beers are getting off flavors while they being drunk? I do not think that it is a high number.

Besides, you can use your hands or hold it in your lap if you are that worried. Or if it is an important tasting, do it inside. A little walk will save you thirty bucks.

Bayern Okto

Pro sports teams nowadays have a seemingly endless supply of jerseys. Each year brings new designs. Most of which can be brutally ugly.

But Bayern Munich has a beer connected look…

“This year, the Wiesn in Munich can once again not take place. But FC Bayern still wants to celebrate with its fans and presents together with adidas a Wiesn special jersey, which was modeled after the Bavarian Trachten look. The classic dark green, together with the decorated logo and the Edelwei; in the neck symbolizes the Bavarian origin.”

Needed or Not? – Beer Deer

Right off the bat, NO!

It is gaudy. You can’t tell the breweries very easily. And if you did, it is mostly the industrial lager boys.

Then, where would this go? Maybe a garage where one wouldn’t have to look at it. Maybe a dorm room if you want to declare how uncultured you are.

Beer Art

Pints and Panels has been mentioned on this blog before but what I failed to keep up with is that you can get some merch as well.

I particularly like Em Sauter’s beer styles art that shows what foods pair well. Check out her site for unique gifts for beer fans or yourself.

XBox Brewing

I am not a gamer. Let me explain how not a gamer I am by saying the only console that I could play was a ColecoVision.

That disclaimer out of the way, there is a brewing simulator that will be coming in 2022 based on home brewing. “The Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator game starts with ingredients, moves on to equipment selection, then finishes up with mash in and the pitching of the yeast. The game is expected to be released to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch formats.

Might be a tool if the analysis of the beer is robust at the end but without an actual beer to taste, I don’t know how helpful this might be.

Not BrMkr?

The de-voweling of company names continues at half pace with…

BeerMkr !

Now, you ain’t gonna get beer in ten minutes. It will take that long to download and set-up the app that you need and to order the special ingredients needed. If I was about to get married, this might be something to put on the registry but I have reservations that it will make you a witbier better than what you can buy.