Cap Swag

Longtime readers of the blog know that baseball is a sleeping pill for me but, that said, I think the Green Cheek Brewing baseball cap is a banger and reminiscent of the Anaheim Angels without being a direct rip-off.

So, a tip of the hat to Green Cheek.

Needed or Not? – Stanley beer tumbler

Unless you have been under a large rock, you will have run across the Stanley Tumbler trend. A (somewhat) affordable must have item that people wanted to be seen with so coolness can be associated with and then some started obsessively collecting and fighting for.

But Stanley also has beer items as well. Like this….

A few problems, not clear so you can’t see your beer. Also not something you would use for Kolsch service or a barrel-aged beers and lastly, that is a price tag.

Needed? – No, a simple collection of a few specific beer glasses would be a much better choice.

Spirit Day – Chilled

I generally don’t cool whiskey.  Sometimes a splash of water but that is about it.  But since the Nesh Whiskey Chiller can take a liquid from room temperature to 36 degrees in 15 seconds, It just might solve the issue of recently purchased beer that has warmed up on the way home from purchasing.

The science is that “the area around the coils is frozen solid – exposing your whiskey to 3 feet of ice as it pours through while remaining isolated in a stainless steel tube. This significantly reduces the temperature of the spirit without directly exposing it to ice or water.”

Might be interesting to experiment with.

Lager Wear

Who among us has not bought themselves a late Christmas gift after looking at our haul from Santa and found it a bit wanting?

An Enegren Lager sweatshirt, would be perfect for that small window of kinda but not really cold SoCal January when you want to sip your lager outside and enjoy the slightly crisp weather.

Hop Art

Maybe you were not as good as you could have been this year and if you feel like Santa is going to miss out on smartly decorating your beer drinking area because you are on the naughty list then maybe you will need to fix the situation yourself with some super snazzy hop art prints for your wall, click HERE to check them out.

I would have posted an image but I could not decide which I liked the most.


I am not a puzzle person. My wee brain ain’t wired for it. But with a beer and knowing, I will get a bit of a beer style refresher education, makes this puzzle intriguing….

If it does the same for you, head HERE.

Wall Art

With the holiday gift season approaching, beer and other fun beverage fans may be looking for something a little more interesting than a gift card to a chain liquor store.  Well, how about art, like this….

The new beer glass graphic is cool but there are bourbon and gin posters that look cool to.  So internet wander to 33 Books to check them out.

Next Gen Glassware

Glassware for beer has been a frequent topic on this blog. From having too much of it, the recommended proper glass for different styles, correct cleaning and most popular, new and “improved” glasses.

Now Elevated Craft and their Kickstarter for the Hybrid Pint Glass is here and it lands squarely in that last category. You can see the “tech” in the image below:

Got a couple questions off the bat. One being that now I have to buy special glass thar fits into the metallic section? Why not make a metal base that fits a shaker pint which I already have oodles of? Second, why a bottle opener at the bottom? I can’t say 90% of craft beer is in cans because I don’t have actual numbers but just walk into a decent beer shoppe and you will see how needed that is. And also, who doesn’t have one or three bottle openers already?

I just do not see what incremental change this gives us but what do I know, the darn thing has all the funding it can handle.

Needed or Not? – Switch Bottle Opener

Now-a-days, you are either popping a can top or hacking your way through a waxed seal. Bottle caps are just not part of the current craft beer scenario.

Which leads to the switchblade without a blade but a bottle opener instead. The customization is cool but I do not need to carry one more thing around that I would probably not use. And more than likely, I would forget the one time it could be used.

So, not needed though a good idea.