Modern British Beer Brewery # 1 – Salt Beer Factory

Turn to page 97 of Modern British Beer by Matthew Curtis for our first stop, Salt Beer Factory.

They are located in the village of Saltaire and they name all of their core beers after textiles. Speaking of, let’s dive into a taster tray.

Jute Session IPA – “Jute as a textile is one of the most accessible and versatile fabrics in the world. Over the years it has been used for fishing, manufacturing, household items and even clothing. Similarly, the goal of our session was to brew an accessible beer suitable for all occasions.

We put our spin on the traditional IPA, using a mix of Australian and American hops, keeping it naturally hazy and packed full of flavour. Jute is a crisp, light and refreshing session IPA. Initial aromas and tastes of citrus followed by a slightly bitter melon-rind finish”

Denim IPA – “1. A hard-wearing cotton twill fabric, typically blue and used for jeans and other clothing.

2. A hop-charged IPA utilising a blend of 3 hop products to pack in big, bold hop flavours.”

Hessian – “1. A strong, coarse fabric made from hemp or jute, used for sacks and upholstery.

2. A dark & roasty beer infused with coffee, cacao & vanilla.”

Pray for Mojo – “A punchy IPA fermented with Kveik yeast.”

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