LA Beer Week – Duvel Green @ Lucky Baldwin's

Because I wanted to be rested and ready for the Verdugo and because the traffic on the 405, 5, 110 was for crap, I wandered to Lucky Baldwin’s for some Green. Duvel that is. It is an interesting beer that I think might be a new favorite. It is almost a cross between a saison and a Belgian golden. Lovely bright yellow color. Aroma was faint but the taste was really different and weird. In a good way.


From the mind of Martin Svab comes a new espresso stout made with the help of the fine folks at Skyscraper. They are having a release party tomorrow night at a hair salon? I hope to see you all there.

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  1. Gentleman Scholar is to beer what a perfect shot
    of espresso is to coffee – perfectly brewed with a layer of golden
    brown crema. One must taste it to believe it!

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